Youtube is the most widely-used video sharing platform and without a doubt, every Youtube user or creator comes across comments in different languages which they can’t decipher.

This must have happened with you as well.

So how can you translate YouTube comments in a different language and then reply to people in their language too?

Yes, in this article we will teach you different ways step-by-step to translate comments in your native language as well as the way to respond.

This is quite important as a creator especially as it allows the creator to interact with its viewers from different communities who do not speak or write the same language as him. By interacting with all users from different backgrounds, you get to increase your channel’s viewership and increase the channel’s authority.

So to translate, there are different ways depending on the device you use.

The first one is the new Youtube translation feature that allows translating comments directly but is limited to mobile phones only.

Therefore, for a desktop, we can make use of a chrome extension that translates with a single click.

And the last method is Google Translate which can be used on both smartphones and desktops to translate comments, but most importantly it can be used to reply to your users in their language.

So, let’s dive into the details of each of these methods and learn how to use each of them step-by-step.

How to Translate YouTube Comments on Mobile ( iPhone or Android ):

Surprisingly, just a few days back, YouTube rolled out a new feature that allows its users to translate YouTube comments directly with a single click. It allows translation of comments in over 100 languages including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Urdu, Russian, Bahasa, Arabic, etc

Youtube announced this new feature via Twitter saying, “Now on mobile: A ‘Translate’ button for YouTube comments in over 100 languages. Unlock conversations with communities around the world in just one click!”

Keep in mind that this feature is only available on Mobile phones. Yes, it is not launched on the desktop yet but it is expected to launch soon.

So, let’s see how it will work on Mobile Phones.

Follow these steps to translate YouTube comments on mobile phones:

  1. Open the YouTube app on a mobile phone.
  2. Open the video of your choice and go to the comments section.
  3. You will see the translate button just below the comment and above the like, dislike, and reply buttons.
  4. Tap this translate button which will automatically translate the comment in a foreign language into your native language. For example, if you have set the language to English (United Kingdom), then the option would appear like, “Translate to English (United Kingdom).
  5. You can also go back to the original comment by clicking “See original (translated by Google)”.
  6. The replies to the comments can also be translated likewise.

This way you can easily translate the comments and communicate with a greater community with the much-awaited YouTube translation feature.

Amazingly, YouTube detects the comments which are in another language to the one in your device/app settings, therefore, the option will always appear below a foreign text for you to decipher it easily within a click.

This feature requires you to tap the translate button each time you want to translate, as it won’t just automatically translate the comment.

Moreover, You might see that the option is of any other language than your language settings as Youtube states, “Translated comments are returned in the language that’s automatically detected based on various signals such as your language, location, and recently watched videos. These signals show comments in the language that’s the best match for you. This language may be different from your main language setting.”

So how good are these translated comments?

If we analyze closely, we would see that at times these translations are a little off the mark. However, this convenience feature is still much-needed.

But as we said earlier, this feature is not available on the desktop yet. So let’s see how to translate YouTube comments in a single click on Desktop.

How To translate YouTube comments on Desktop via Chrome Extension:

To translate Youtube comments on desktop, we will use a chrome extension as it will make translating comments pretty simple.

The chrome extension which we will install automatically translates YouTube comments with a single click using the Google-Translate API. This means that the translations are exactly the ones that you will get through Google Translate.

Following are the steps to translate YouTube comments through a Chrome Extension:

  1. Install a Chrome extension by clicking here.
  2. Click on the Blue button “Add to chrome”
  3. A pop-up will appear. Click on “Add Extension”. This way you have now installed the chrome extension.
  4. Now open any video on YouTube and go to the comments section.
  5. Above each comment, you will see a “translate” option. Click on it, and the comment will automatically be translated into your native language.
  6. If you want to see the original, click on “undo”.

This way, you can easily translate YouTube comments with a single click.

Moreover, if you want to change the language in which the comments are translated then that is even possible. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Puzzle piece-shaped icon on the top-right of the screen. It will display a list of all the extensions that you have added.
  2. From the list, search for YouTube™ Comment Translate. Click on the 3-dot icon for more actions.
  3. From the list, click on “options”. This will open up a new page and a pop-up will appear. You can also click on “Extension options” from the page that opened.
  4. In the provided space of the last option, “Target Language”, type the country code for the language. For example, if you want to translate in French, then type fr here. You can find the codes for the representation of names of languages from here.
  5. Click on “save”.
  6. Now open the YouTube page again and refresh it.
  7. Now if you translate the comment by clicking on “translate”, it will translate it in the particular language you changed in the settings.

If in case, the translate option doesn’t appear, try refreshing YouTube a couple of times and make sure to use the latest version of Chrome.

With the help of both of these ways, we can decipher what our viewer is commenting. But to interact with them, it would be better to reply to them as well. So now let’s learn how to reply to them in their own language.

How to Reply to YouTube Comments in a different language:

For this purpose, we will use Google Translate. Google translate is one of the most famous translating websites available online for free that translates to great accuracy.

We will learn how to translate YouTube comments using Google Translate and also the way to respond to comments in the user’s language.

Follow the steps below that are almost the same for both mobile and desktop:

  1. Open YouTube and go to the comments section of any video of your choice.
  2. Copy the text of a comment in a different language,
  3. Now open Google Translate.
  4. If you know the language of the comment, then you can enter it by clicking on the drop-down icon above the box or by clicking on “Detect Language” and then search for the language through the search bar and click on it.
  5. If you don’t know the language, then Google Translate can detect the language by itself.
  6. Similarly, select the language on the right-side box in which you want to translate the comment.
  7. Now Paste the copied text of the comment in the space provided in the left-box. This way, you will instantly get the translation of the comment.
  1. Now swap the language by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S or by clicking the double arrow icon.
  2. This swaps the languages so now type your reply in the left-box like “It is our pleasure to help you will your work. Make sure to subscribe to our channel to watch more of our videos.”
  3. As you see, the text will be translated into the user’s language. Now copy the translated text in the foreign language.
  1. Go to the same comment on the video, and click on the reply button below the comment.
  2. Now paste the text in the reply and click “Reply”.

This way you can fully interact with viewers of your channel from around the world, no matter which language they speak.

But Before the guide ends, we want to give you a bonus tip.

As a creator, it gets difficult and time-consuming to reply to dozens of comments. Many times, you have to give the same reply to many users but have to type it again and again.

The TubeBuddy feature, Canned Response is a feature that will help solve this problem. It helps you create personalized messages in your own words and then save them to be used again and again. This way you can respond efficiently with a pre-determined message yet using each of their names in the responses that give a professional and realistic look.

This brings us to the end of this YouTube guide on How to translate YouTube comments on Mobile phones and Desktops.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments below. We will make sure to answer all your queries.

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