Do you want to know what TubeBuddy Videolytics is? How can you use it to boost your YouTube Channel?

Then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will give you a deep insight into what the TubeBuddy Videolytics feature is, the invaluable stats it provides, and how you can make use of it to rank on YouTube.

Today, Youtube is loaded with content and the competition to rank is at its peak. You may be surprised to know that more than 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Moreover, According to the study of ‘Tubics’, there are 31 million YouTube channels out there.

This makes it even more difficult for YouTube videos to rank especially for beginners or new channels.

So what should you do?

The simple solution is to partner with a lifesaver tool like TubeBuddy and enjoy its features, most importantly Videolytics.

Therefore, in this post, we will give you a detailed overview of a famous feature of TubeBuddy: Videolytics. However, if you want to know more about other impressive features of TubeBuddy, you should read our comprehensive review on TubeBuddy.

What is Videolytics?

Videolytics is a remarkable TubeBuddy feature that provides all the essential YouTube video statistics and analytics at your fingertips. This means you can have advanced insight into any YouTube video whether it be of your channel or your rival’s.

The most amazing thing about it is that you can even have a bird’ eye view of your competitor’s videos and their channel. With Videolytics, you will have a closer look at how their videos are performing, what’s working out for them, the tags they have used, and most importantly their SEO score.

By a side-to-side comparison with your competitor’s videos across an array of stats, you will know how their video is positioned and a way to outrank them.

Videolytics is just a single TubeBuddy feature. However, TubeBuddy offers a plethora of 50+ features centering Video SEO features, Bulk Processing features, A/B Testing, Keyword Research, and the list goes on.

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Videolytics Feature Breakdown

The Videolytics panel is divided into different sections; each one of which gives you a deep statistical and analytical overview of any YouTube video.

So, let’s see what we will find in Videolytics by TubeBuddy.

Summary Statistics is the first basic section of the TubeBuddy Videolytics. It shows you the total views, comments, along with the likes and dislike ratio. These stats give you a brief overview of how the particular video is performing and what can be done to make it better.

This will also help you compare your video with other of your channel’s videos, getting to know what a video lacks. But keep in mind that the first few days of being uploaded, the video will have comparatively lesser views, so no need to get worried instantly.

At the end of this section, a series of high-end statistics will start. Let us walk you through each one of them.


This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section provides you with three important SEO-related stats.

The creator-suggested stats in the first row represent how many videos are suggested in the suggested section of YouTube from the creator channel you are watching. The higher the count, the more likely it is that a person watching this video from the channel will also watch other videos from the same channel from the suggested column.

If you are well-familiar with YouTube SEO, you may know how important it is for your videos to rank on the suggested section, if you want more views, watch time, and eventually increase the authority of your channel.

So, if you are watching analytics of your videos and see fewer videos being suggested alongside your content, then you need to optimize your videos.

Secondly, this section shows how many times video tags appeared in the title or description.

This particular stat will help you analyze the optimization of your video title and description which can be improved if poorly optimized. Keep in mind, for it to be counted, it has to be a word-to-word match, as Youtube reads it this way.

Finally, it shows the Ranked tags. This indicates how many times your video tags rank in the search results. This is particularly essential as it shows which specific tags you used are ranking where on the search results. This can help you improve or remove the tags that are not performing while also helping you to know that Yes! This tag is performing well so can be used again in the related video.

For it to show, go for “click here to load” or the blue button below, labeled “Show Search Rankings”.

One more interesting thing is a secondary stat hidden within these primary stats. The secondary statistics give you a rating of a particular stat in the form of colors.

  • The red colour shows poor performance and hence it requires a lot of improvement.
  • The black colour shows average performance.
  • The Green colour indicated above average or awesome performance. So, it’s better not to make further tweaks to it.

Social reach:

The third section, Social reach, shows how many times your videos were shared across other social media platforms; Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Videolytics goes one mile ahead and links you to the particular person who shared your YouTube video. It shows a popout symbol which upon clicking takes you to the relevant platform, There you can like or thanks to the person who shared your video, hence giving you

access to the external community.

Channel Stats:

It shows the total number of views the channel has gained, the number of subscribers, and the total amount of videos the channel has uploaded until now. This is useful when comparing the particular video with the overall channel’s stats. At the right top of this section, it gives you the option to go for its Channelytics feature that grants a deeper and detailed look at channel stats.

If you want to learn about Channelytics, make sure to go through our in-depth review of TubeBuddy Channelytics.

Best Practices:

The Best Practices section shows a list of things that TubeBuddy has enumerated on the guidelines of industry experts and YouTube. These suggested best practices should be done for your videos to have greater exposure and rank. The list of best practices includes;

  • High-Resolution Thumbnail
  • Adding Info Cards
  • Adding End Screen
  • Sharing on Twitter
  • Liking on Facebook
  • Adding Captions
  • Pin a Comment.
  • Heart a Comment

Videolytics in this section reminds you to do all of these selected best practices for your YouTube success. Once you have done a particular practice, a tick appears beside it, and if you have not yet done any, a cross ( X )  shows up.


This feature lets you see all the video tags been used and how much they rank on search. This particular feature is very impressive and is of great help to boost your channel and rank your videos.

But keep in mind, that for best and accurate results you have to switch to incognito mode results. If you scroll down a little, you will see “For you” written by default. Click on it and it will open the setting from where you can switch to incognito search results.

So why do we need to do this?

‘For You’ actually means that the results being shown are based on the videos you watch. You are logged in with your account, so YouTube knows the videos you watch, the channels you subscribe to, the video you like, and on which you give a thumbs down, so the results are given considering all this.

But when you switch to incognito, it’s like YouTube knows nothing about you so the results will be more generic, exactly representing what others on YouTube will see.

Well, in this section, you will see all the tags along with a green box beside some of the tags. The numbers in those green boxes indicate the rank of the specific tag in YouTube search results. The lower the number, the higher the tag ranks.

This way you can remove the tags which are not performing and add related keywords to those which are performing well.

To the bottom right corner, you will see the “Copy to” button which allows you to copy the tags to the clipboard. You can then edit them or make use of them in other videos, or you may copy any of your competitor’s tags to make use of them in your own related videos.

Finally, at the top of the Videolytics panel, you will see Compare and Tools button.

The Tool button gives you access to numerous tools for the video you are watching. Those tools are;

  • Social Monitor
  • Search rankings
  • Share tracker
  • Vid2Vid Promotion
  • Advanced Embed
  • Animated GIF generator.

On the other hand, The Compare Tab is something fascinating. It allows you to compare the video you are watching with the channel’s most popular video, or with your own channel’s most popular video. Moreover, it also allows you to compare a video with any specific video by entering the URL of the video you want to make a comparison with.

This is quite useful for a head-to-head comparison with your competitor’s videos, or with your own channel’s other videos.

Final Thoughts

TubeBuddy Videolytics is a must-have tool for every YouTuber. It grants you instant access to a wide range of advanced statistics and analytics that will not only help in ranking your videos on YouTube but also assist in increasing your channel’s authority. It gives you a deep insight into your video stats while also letting you have a closer look at your competitor’s videos.

In a nutshell, if you are serious about your YouTube success, then TubeBuddy Videolytics is that one feature that can support you in competing with your rivals leading you to win the race by having a higher ranking on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have access to TubeBuddy Videolytics?

All the paid subscribers of TubeBuddy can have full access to Videolytics. But if you haven’t subscribed for the premium version, you can still have Videolytics for free, but with a little limitation as it will only allow you to compare the video to the most popular video on the channel.

Where to find TubeBuddy Videolytics?

If you are a subscriber of TubeBuddy then the Videolytics panel will appear on the right-hand side of the YouTube video watch page, whenever you watch a video.
If you are not a subscriber of TubeBuddy then what are you waiting for? (CTA)
To access only Videolytics for free, you can install the chrome extension of Tubebuddy and after signing in, you will also have limited access to Videolytics on the Youtube video watch page.

Why is TubeBuddy Videolytics useful?

It is a must-have tool to rank your videos on YouTube in the face of such intense competition. Tools like TubeBuddy Videolytics will help you get more watch time, likes, comments, and even more subscribers to your channel. Not to mention, how helpful it is to improve your video rank on YouTube.

Many famous and successful YouTubers like Mr. Beast and PewdiePie also use TubeBuddy analytics and they said that TubeBuddy is a must-have tool for every Youtuber. Moreover, PewDiePie with over 100 million subscribers credits TubeBuddy as the main reason behind its YouTube success.

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