Blogger or Wix, which website builder would be a better choice in 2023?

Read this in-depth Blogger vs Wix comparison to make a smart choice.

Website builders play a vital role in your website success, growth, SEO, performance speed, and security. But the real deal is to find the right one. There is an ever-lasting increase of website builders, making it overwhelming for people to distinguish between the best and the mediocre services posing themselves as the best.

Moreover, you will come across both paid and free website builders. The question is which one to choose? You should be aware of the fact that free services provide a limited feature set that would eventually restrict your website’s growth and performance therefore it’s always better to go for a paid service to unlock the complete feature suite.

Since you are researching and have narrowed down your list, one thing is clear- you want to have a hassle-free website builder with outstanding functionality. But how would we figure out the best one?

The perfect way to do that is to compare them across multiple categories. That is why in this article we will compare Blogger and Wix in terms of Features, ease of use and customizability, support, SEO, pricing, and much more. So stick around, if you want to make a wise decision for your website.

In a hurry? Check out the summary of the Blogger vs Wix comparison.

Comparison At a Glance

About Blogger

Blogger is Google’s blogging platform that mainly focuses on providing ease of use, free service, and accessibility. However, that comes with the absence of various essential features. Blogger dates back to the 1900s and still, it’s pretty old-school so it’s just good enough for running blogs with basic functionality.

About Wix

Wix is a top-ranking DIY website builder which is an all-in-one solution. With its robust features, flexibility, and ease of use, it can easily be mastered even by beginners. Wix’s reasonable pricing, customization options, theme library, app market and editors make it easy to make any website, suitable for both beginners and experts.

1. Features
Winner: Wix. Wix is packed with top-class features that can build any type of fully functional site as opposed to mainly the basic blogging functionality of Blogger.

2. Ease of Use / Customizability
Winner: Wix. Blogger is easier to use but Wix provides much more excellent creative freedom and customizability options while being an intuitive website builder as well.

3. Templates Library
Winner: Wix. The template library of Wix is gigantic while the templates are responsive and completely customizable. In contrast, Blogger provides few templates with basic editing options.

4. Pricing
Winner: Wix. Wix offers flexible and reasonable pricing plans, but the free plan of Blogger is better than that of Wix.

5. Customer Support
Winner: Wix. Wix is the obvious winner as it provides multiple support options and self-help resources while Blogger has poor support options and few resources.

Blogger Vs Wix: Short Verdict

Wix is the ultimate winner of Blogger vs Wix comparison as it prevails over its competitor in the majority of the categories. Wix provides a myriad of top-class features, greater creative freedom and customizability options, intuitive editors, fabulous customer support, enormous template library, and app market, and reasonable pricing. On the contrary, Blogger mainly provides basic functionality and less creative freedom.

1. Features

The feature set is the most vital factor that leads your website to success and helps it grow. So who do you think will win the features’ race between Blogger and Wix.

Blogger’s Features

Blogger has a bunch of notable features that may not fail to impress you like the Blogger provides high-level security and hosting which dominates most of the blogging dedicated platforms. Moreover, it grants you unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and free gadgets add ons. In addition to that, you can publish up to 100 blogs per account.

Blogger enables you to track the performance of your site through the stats it provides. But those stats are basic. However, you can connect Google Analytics with your account for more in-depth analytics. Furthermore, by turning on the share button, you can let your visitors share your content through email or on other social media sites.

Bloggers Traffic Overview

As Blogger is yet another free product of Google, you automatically become part of the Google ecosystem getting you easy access to other Google products like Google Photos, Google Drive, Google domains, etc. Users often like to share their workload with their colleagues so at Blogger you can add moderators and writers to your site to ease your blog management workflow.

You can also let cash flow into your account by monetizing your site at Blogger through Google Adsense. It will automatically display relevant targeted ads on your blog in optimized locations, but still, you can move them where you see fit.

Google Adsense

Blogger also has a mobile application to publish, edit, save, or view posts. It also allows you to add photos to a post and switch between blogs and accounts. Blogger can be used to make a website but that would require a lot of coding experience. But you can use it for portfolio and related stuff.

What you need to know is Google Blogger is old. It is still running but it provides an old-school blogging service and does not offer the bells and whistles of modern-day blog builders. So if you are looking to build a fully-functional top-notch blog or a website, Blogger is not the best choice to go for.

Wix’s Features

Wix did an impressive job providing a collection of high-end and robust features, whereby summing up into an all-in-one solution. Starting with the basic features, it provides a free custom domain name for the first term, free web hosting,  personalized email, a rich library with visual content, an SSL certificate, and numerous social tools.

To keep your site secured, it provides DDoS protection, 2-step verification, Level 1 PCI compliance, and 24/7 website security monitoring. Your site is automatically backed up which can then easily be restored in a single click.


Wix Logo maker is yet another praise-worthy feature. You just provide the system with a few answers related to your business and within seconds you get your business logo, which is even fully customizable. You can also hire a professional at Wix to make a logo for you.

Wix Logo Creator

Commendably, it also a has Mobile application enabling you to manage your website anywhere easily. Within the app, you get the dashboard features, analytics, option to share posts, drive marketing campaigns, and much more.

Wix Features

Wix also provides Wix chat, email marketing campaigns, autosave features, and detailed analytics of your website. The analytics provide a deep insight into your website performance while it also forms stats and reports for you. You can also translate your site into more than 180 languages improving your global presence through Wix Multilingual.

If this was not enough Wix even provides AI-technology-based Wix ADI Editor, Velo by Wix, and Wix standard editor along with tons of editing and customization features.

It also provides dedicated functionality for different types of business like Wix restaurant, Wix booking, Wix photography. Astonishingly, you also get access to an enormous Wix app market containing hundreds of apps, widgets, integrations, and add ons to increase the functionality of the website by many folds.


In conclusion, Wix is miles ahead of Blogger due to its plethora of top-ranking sophisticated features that can build a top-notch website of any kind. Blogger on the other hand only offers basic Blogging functionality.

Winner: Wix.

2. Ease of Use And Customizability

When buying a website builder it’s essential to look for ease of use and customizability options to examine the creative freedom and flexibility they have to offer.

The Blogger onboarding process is very simple and you can get started in just a few clicks. If you have a Google account, you only need to type in your blog name, URL, and display name. And just like this, you are ready to start posting!

The Blogger dashboard is minimalistic with straightforward options to choose from to get working on your site. These include stats, Layout, themes, comments, manage posts, and so on.

When it comes to customization, there are only basic customization features available at Blogger. It offers you pretty basic customization options for individual elements like changing color, font, etc. To write content and publish posts, you get the simple editor with basic editing options similar to the ones in Goggle docs.

The intuitive Blogger editor allows you to drag different gadgets like sidebar, header, search bars, social media buttons, RSS feeds, etc, and arrange them on the canvas.

Blogger Customization

 Moreover, you can display third-party widgets and even develop your own plugins through HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Blogger permits you to edit HTML and CSS but that too is hectic as you will have to navigate thousands of conditional statements in Blogger code editor.

Blogger Front End

Although Blogger is easy to use, the stumbling block is that it’s relatively time-consuming. Unlike at Wix, you can not make real-time changes and you have to move the cursor a lot to reach out to the text editing options. There are not many elements and creative freedom is also much limited.

Now, let’s see what Wix brings to the table.

Wix signup process is straightforward and it also has a user-friendly dashboard. But as it is packed with a gazillion of options and features, it will take some time to get used to the interface and its editors, hence there is a small learning curve.

Wix has been skillfully designed keeping both beginners and experts in mind, therefore, even newbies can master the platform in a matter of time without the need for coding.

For customization purposes, Wix has multiple ways for editing to build a unique site. The first is its standard Wix editor which is a simple drag-and-drop Editor. You can choose from a wide array of elements and drag them on the canvas where you see fit with no structural limitations.

The elements are customizable through a bazillion of designing options. Furthermore, you can make use of an extensive font collection, custom colour palettes, and sophisticated features like custom animations and innovative transparent videos.

Wic Customization

Secondly, you can use its intriguing ADI tool. The system asks you a couple of questions related to your business and as a result, it builds up a complete website for you, perfectly tailored to your needs. The site will be fully customizable and you can even switch to Standard Editor anytime.


If you still want to go a step ahead to gain complete creative freedom, then you can go for Velo by Wix. It allows advanced front-end development via its intuitive visual builder, ability to connect to 100s of APIs, unified database management, and ability to write its own code in its built-in IDE.

Wix Frontend

Furthermore, for your ease, Wix constantly gives suggestions, advice, and prompts to guide you through the website development process. The help button takes you to the appropriate help documents, and each customization option is specifically labelled. It is quite amazing that Wix provides high-end results which simplicity and ease.

To cut the long story short, Blogger is much straightforward and easier to use. But Blogger is no match to Wix in customization, as Wix provides loads of customization options and creative freedom, yet manages to be easy to use.

Winner: Wix

3. Themes

Themes lay down a foundation for your site within seconds making web designing and development much easier and efficient. Let’s dig in further to see who wins the Blogger vs Wix themes comparison.

Blogger provides a theme library having all sorts of different themes ranging from a simple text-led blog to a dynamic blog filled with images. The theme library contains over 50 free themes with different layout structures. Moreover, it also allows you to add Blogger templates from third-party sources.

Blogger Themes

Before selecting a template you can preview it, even in different screen sizes to examine how it will look once applied to your site. The customization options include changing the background image, main colour theme, font size, style, and colours of text and elements, ability to add gadgets such as follow us widget and translate widget. Blogger even allows you to easily change the theme whenever you want.

Blogger Template Editing

Wix, on the other hand, offers you one of the most versatile and enchanting template libraries in the market. Its template library contains more than 800 free HTML5 based templates that will give your site a unique look and feel.

These templates are divided into several major categories like Fashion, Photography, Design, Business, Blog, and much more. All of these categories are then subdivided into various tabs so that you can easily choose the perfect template for your site.

Wix Templates

Just like Blogger templates, these templates are also responsive to different screen sizes and enables you to preview the templates before you choose them. However, once you choose a template, you won’t be able to switch to any other. Furthermore, you can also make edits to the mobile version of templates to make it a better fit for a mobile screen.

Wix grants creative users an opportunity to unleash their creativity on a blank canvas to design their website instead of using a pre-made template.

Wix Blank Templates

Wix templates are fully customizable offering much more template editing options than Blogger. Furthermore, Wix’s templates are fully customizable as you can add pages, images, elements, change colour, layout, typography, edit content, and many other features. With its intuitive editors, you can drag and place the elements on the canvas with no structural limitations.

In conclusion, Wix prevails over its opponent in Blogger vs Wix template comparison due to its splendid theme collection, flexibility, and outstanding customization options, as opposed to minimal design customization of Blogger.

Winner: Wix 

4. Pricing

We have thoroughly gone through the features that both of these website builders provide. This gives rise to a major question that How much does Blogger and Wix cost us for their promised features?

Blogger amazes the website builders as it is completely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right, you get all Blogger features for free, there is no signup fee, upgrade cost, or subscription cost. Moreover, you get a free SSL certificate, hosting, and a domain. If you wish to buy a custom domain name, that is also possible within a few clicks, and then point to your site at Blogger, without any “domain mapping” cost.

Surprisingly, there will be no ads displayed on your site, unlike in Wix’s free plan. You also get unlimited bandwidth and 1GB storage (15GB if you have a Goggle Drive account).

Now let’s see how much Wix costs.

Wix also comes up with a forever-free plan for its users. But the free plan has limited functionality like it grants 500MB of storage and bandwidth, no access to Google analytics and an online processing system, and inability to set up an eCommerce store.

Furthermore, it contains Wix ads and you cannot add a custom domain name to your site. However, you get support, all templates, top-notch web hosting, and designing features for free.

If you want access to greater functionality, Wix grants you an option to upgrade to a premium package.

The premium plans of Wix are divided into two major categories; Website plans (starting at $4.5 a month) and eCommerce plans (starting at $17 a month). The former is best for building a professional personal site, business site, blog or portfolio. The latter one is mostly crafted for users wishing to open an eCommerce store with a full eCommerce feature suite.

Website Plans’ pricing structure is as follow:

Wix Website Plans Regular Price Best-for Discounted Price
Connect Domain Plan $4.50/month Beginners Check Price
Combo Plan $8.50/month Personal Website Check Price
Unlimited Plan $12.50/monthly Entrepreneurs Check Price
VIP Plan $24.50/monthly Advanced Webmasters Check Price

Details of the pricing structure of Wix Business and eCommerce plans are as follows:

Wix Business Plans Regular Price Best-for Discounted Price
Business Basic $17 New Business Owners Check Price
Business VIP $25 Advanced Webmasters Check Price
Business Unlimited $35 Large Business Check Price

In addition to that, if you are not satisfied with the Wix service, you can ask for a 100% refund within 14 days of the subscription.

In summary, as such no comparison can be drawn between Wix and Blogger’s pricing plans, but Wix offers reasonable pricing plans considering the high-end features it grants with it. However, Blogger’s free plan is better than Wix’s free plan. 

Winner: Wix

5. Customer Support

It’s essential to have someone who can quickly help you out of your stuck problem. That is why we will examine who provides better customer support between Blogger and Wix.

Blogger provides a Help Centre containing user guides and articles to help you find solutions to the issues you face. These articles deal with topics in a vivid step-by-step process. All of these are arranged in different categories along a field to punch in questions which will suggest you various articles to help you out to make browsing help topics easy.

Blogger Customer Support

Other than that, you also get access to a Help forum where your fellow users or product experts can help you out. It also has a youtube channel containing video tutorials for further assistance. However, if you wish to reach a real support agent, then, unfortunately, that won’t be possible at Blogger. Because it does not provide email, live chat, phone call, or any such support.

Let’s take a look at Wix now. 

Wix offers an enormous Help Centre containing tons of articles neatly arranged into several categories, dealing with every aspect of the website building process you can think of. These articles cover topics comprehensively along with pictures and how-to videos.

Additionally, you get access to a community forum, Wix support Blog, Wix encyclopedia, and YouTube channel to learn additional information on various topics.

Wix Help Center

To reach out for tech support, you can use their email and 24/7 callback support. A callback request is responded to usually within 2 minutes, while an email response may take time. Moreover, premium users get access to VIP support as well. Surprisingly, live chat support is also available in certain regions for now.

In short, Wix prevails over Blogger due to its vast knowledge base and other self-help resources and multiple support options, which are not available in Blogger. 

Winner: Wix.

Which One Is Best for Blogging?

Both Website builders have strong blogging engines and provide plenty of features to run a fully-functional blog. However, if you want to create an advanced and versatile blog you are likely to hit a ceiling with Blogger. Wix specializes in Blogging as well thanks to its robust blogging features.

It allows you to choose a blog template, customize it, add and style blogpost, translate it, edit text and images, add categories, hashtags, and filters.

Other notable features include sharing of blog on social media, scheduling blog posts, using a blog name generator, viewing analytics, collaborating with the team, offering subscriptions, ability to run a blog from a mobile phone, and even integrating advanced SEO tools like AMP and Schema

Blogger on the other hand is fully-dedicated to blogging. The Blogger features are aimed at Blogging only, so you can choose a template, edit it, create blogpost, share on social media, use a mobile app to manage blogs, edit text and images, add emojis and videos, collaborate with your colleagues and much more.

In addition to that, you can view stats, restore and backup, change post permalink, add labels, and use Google fonts inside the editor.

Which One Is Best For eCommerce?

Without a doubt, Wix is the winner of the Blogger vs Wix eCommerce comparison, or it would be safe to say that Blogger does not even come into the eCommerce comparison race.

Wix has a powerful eCommerce engine and provides dedicated eCommerce plans coupled with plenty of advanced eCommerce tools. You can even integrate tons of apps and plugins from its huge App Market to enhance its functionality.

Its impressive features allow you to sell unlimited digital and physical products, add multiple images, edit eCommerce templates, set shipping rules, manage inventory, and introduce special offers.

Moreover, you get 50+ payment gateways, a mobile app to manage the store, multiple sales channels, dropshipping features, analytics, and a wide range of other eCommerce features.

Blogger, on the other hand, is not meant for eCommerce but you can, however, sell products by integrating multiple addons and plugins like PayPal. But it would be a headache to run an eCommerce store on Blogger as it would not even offer the basic essential features to run an online store.

Which Is Better In Terms Of SEO?

Wix prevails over Blogger in terms of SEO owing to Wix advanced SEO suite to optimize your site. It optimizes your site infrastructure by server-side rendering, clean URLs with customizable slugs, XML sitemap, and automatic optimization of images.

It permits customization of your sites’ meta tags, canonical tags, structured data, robots.txt file, etc and even writing your own schema markups. Furthermore, it automatically generates meta tags like titles and descriptions which are also fully customizable.

Wix even allows crafting 301 redirects and lets you do bulk redirects as well. Other robust SEO features include SEO for multilingual sites, tracking events, analytics, accelerated mobile pages, smart caching, Logfile, and Google search console integration on the Wix dashboard.

It also lets you have a custom SEO plan setup, connect SEO APIs for developers, and integrate SEO related widgets and personalized SEO tools from its huge App Market.

In contrast, Blogger does not provide robust SEO settings and features. However, there are a few to be mentioned like custom robots.txt, home page tags, archive and search page tags, post and custom header tags, SEO title and description, and custom redirect 404 pages.

Moreover, The editor is compatible with SEO tools like Semrush, WriterZen, and Textmetrics. Additionally, you have a Google search Console right on the dashboard.

Bottom Line

Blogger and Wix both provide free plans for beginners to explore their features. But there is a lot of difference between the two. Blogger is a fully dedicated Blogging solution, therefore if you want to create any other type of website, that would be a headache and Blogger is even not capable enough to provide such features. Blogger offers basic functionality making it simple and easy to use.

Wix, on the other hand, is an all-in-one solution, thanks to its robust and high-end features you can create any type of website. Furthermore, Wix provides reasonable pricing, better customer support, tons of customizability options, theme and app library, SEO, and eCommerce features as well. Hence, Wix is the obvious winner of the Blogger vs Wix comparison.

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