VidIQ or TubeBuddy: which one to choose for your YouTube growth? Read this in-depth TubeBuddy vs VidIQ comparison to make a smart choice.

If you are a YouTuber, undoubtedly you are looking forward to growing your channel and outshine others on the platform. You want higher YouTube ranking, more views, subscribers, and even more watch time on your videos.

So can you do it?

The answer is Yes, You can. But how?

Today it is harder to rank on YouTube than it was before. In 2015,  YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that over 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute. Just imagine, how many times this number would have increased by now.

Moreover, according to the study of ‘tubics’, there are 31 million YouTube channels out there.

But you can still outshine your competitors and rank higher. What you need is a proper strategy, planning, excellent content, and tools that can lead you to YouTube Success.

Therefore, there are two most promising YouTube management tools; TubeBuddy and VidIQ. And to succeed on Youtube these tools are a must-have for every YouTuber.

But before you invest in something, you should research thoroughly and make sure it is right for you.

So, here we are, with a detailed TubeBuddy vs VidIQ comparison.

In this, we will walk you through all the important features they provide, the Youtube SEO tools, and their pricing structure.

So, let’s get started.

Sruggling To Grow on YouTube?

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1. Features: TubeBuddy vs VidIQ

When looking for the best Youtube management tool, the first thing to research is the feature-set being offered, as promising features are the main element that will boost your channel and increase the ranking of your videos.

TubeBuddy Features

Keyword Explorer Tool is the most crucial tool to rank your videos. This tool gets you the most perfect keywords along with trending tags that you can use to rank your videos for a longer period. Once you search a keyword, it will specify its overall score, search volume, optimization strength, competition, and searches per month.

TubeBuddy Keyword Research

Moreover, the keyword stats show the number of keywords being used in tags, descriptions, and titles. Furthermore, its Keyword Ranking Tracker, lets you track the ranking of your videos on YouTube and Google search.

Bulk Processing Features of TubeBuddy are something many YouTubers are grateful for, as it gets weeks’ long work done in a couple of minutes. This is actually a set of tools that facilitates bulk copying, deletion, replacement, and update of cards, metadata, playlist, and End screen.

One of the tools has a Bulk find, replace, and append feature through which you can find text or a hyperlink in numerous video descriptions and then replace them with another.

Bulk Replace TubeBuddy

Moreover, you can also add or remove a graphic overlay in bulk on your thumbnails like changing a logo. In its “Bulk End screen Updates” you can bulk delete, update, or copy the end screen in a few clicks.

Video A/B Testing is an amazing feature of TubeBuddy that can drive loads of traffic to your videos instantly. You must have observed that different styles of elements like thumbnails lead to different levels of traffic.

Therefore, this feature makes it pretty simple to analyse and compare different forms of elements to know which will perform better. Moreover, it will guide you to get the best style for your description, thumbnail, or title and the effect that the changes caused on the search traffic.

Videolytics is one of the most popular features of TuebBuddy. This particular feature grants access to advanced insights and analytics of any YouTube video. This even allows you to compare your video with your competitor’s videos or with any video on YouTube, across a wide range of stats that can help you rank better than your competitors.


The stats include a summary of likes, comments, views, the SEO score section, social stats, channel stats, best practices, and even the tags that are used in the video. Moreover, it also shows search rankings based on tags used.

And you know what, the TubeBuddy Videolytics is even available in the free version as well.

Channelytics is yet another outstanding feature of TubeBuddy where you can compare your channel with any other channel or your competitor’s channel across a wide variety of channel-related stats. You can head over to any channel on YouTube, where the Channelytics feature will show all the channel tags and also an option to copy tags.


Along with this, a basic summary is also provided which includes subscriber, views, total videos, average views per month, and views per video. It also shows an accurate real-time subscriber count. Moreover, you can compare your channel with your competitors’ in the form of a graphical demonstration across different stats such as views for the last 30 days or for all time.

You might be amazed to know that TubeBuddy Channelytics is also available in the free version.

Thumbnail Generator is another worth-mentioning feature of TubeBuddy that allows you to make professional eye-catching thumbnails for your videos to attract viewers. This tool is intuitive to use that allows you to transform a still frame of your video into a fabulous thumbnail with text and graphic overlay, You can also upload high-quality images customize fonts and colour, or have a solid colour as a background.

Thumbnail Generator TubeBuddy

Moreover, you can also create your own unique template with a logo and graphics to be used consistently for your channel to create authority and uniqueness.

YouTube Rank Tracking is a valuable feature that gives you feedback on how your videos are performing concerning the SEO efforts you have put in. The keywords and other SEO efforts are the keys to rank your videos but not knowing the results of your efforts somewhat may put them in vain.

Therefore, TubeBuddy Keyword ranking or search rank tracking helps track your ranking compared to your competitors’ while it even shows the overall status of how your channel is performing in YouTube and Google search.

Demonetization Prevention is where TubeBuddy ensures you are following YouTube’s recommendations. With its help, you can find words in your content that could possibly penalize your videos hence preventing a major loss from occurring.

Demonitization Prevention TubeBuddy

Canned Response is a useful feature to respond to your viewers efficiently, yet being personalized as these are pre-determined messages. This way you can still reply to users with the same message yet using each of their names in the responses. This even helps in answering the most frequently asked questions, for which you can save your responses under a particular name to be used again, instead of typing the same response again and again.

TubeBuddy Canned Response

In a nutshell, it will be a personalized message in your own words but still, you can have a moderator to send those responses while you focus on something else.

Health Report is the feature of TubeBuddy where you can have an overview of your Channel’s performance. The Health report will make it easier for you to understand what works and what does not work for your channel by giving you access to quick analytics and stats of your videos and channel, including search traffic, watch time data, demographics, etc.

TubeBuddy Health Report

This health report will eventually assist you in improving your channel further based on these comprehensive data insights.

VidIQ Features

Channel Audit is a powerful and impressive feature of VidIq which is like having a personal consultant to guide you on your YouTube journey 24/7.

It shows you how the channel is performing, and what’s working for your channel. This is specified with respect to the engagement rate, competitor stats, watch time, audience retention, subscriber gained, etc. It also shows the top-performing Endscreen and cards click rates and YouTube search terms.

Channel Audit VidIQ

On the other hand, it also indicates what’s not working on your channel so it would be better for you to stop making such content or improve it to gain views and watch time. Moreover, it highlights the elements which are missing and how you can improve some to gain more views.

Scorecard feature of VidIQ brings important Video statistics and YouTube analytics to your fingertips. It allows you to analyze how your and your competitor’s videos are performing, assisting you to outshine your competitors and rank on YouTube.


These stats include SEO feedback that shows the complete breakdown of the SEO score and how well the video is optimized, determining the likelihood of it appearing in search results, The historical tab that shows how the video has performed since it was uploaded. Other stats include a separate real-time stats bar, channel and video tags, video optimization checklists, tags suggestions, and an overall summary of video and channel analytics.

Keyword tools are a collection of tools by VidIQ that aims at letting you know what the user wants to search so that you can build your content surrounding it. The vidIQ boost tool finds you multiple relevant search terms and also shows the trending videos for the searched term.

When you search on YouTube, the VIdIQ shows the keyword score of the searched term, breaking it down into competition and search volume. The other stats include average views, average subscribers, highest views, etc

The keyword inspector tool helps you in getting to know the universe surrounding any keyword. This tool will display, the VidIQ keyword score, related videos, and interest over time which will indicate whether a word is in trend or when a particular recurring keyword will start to trend.

Furthermore, with its Keyword translate tool, you can translate keywords of multiple languages, while there is also an option to create a keyword template as well.

Thumbnail Generator is another essential feature that VidIQ presents to increase your click-through rate with the help of custom thumbnails. This tool allows you to capture a video still, and then add shapes, text, styles, or even images to create your custom thumbnail.

Thumbnail Generator VidIQ

You can edit your thumbnail by adding colour, font, border, and a couple of other useful features. Like TubeBuddy, it also allows you to build a template for future use.

Productivity Tools only provide limited bulk processing tools. It supports bulk copying and editing of cards and end screens only. Other than that, it has a comment productivity tool to answer comments efficiently by its comment templates. It also has an option to download all of your metadata for backup and can even export it to a spreadsheet.

However, VidIQ does not provide the feasibility of processing bulk edits to metadata, playlists, thumbnails, and descriptions.

Although these productivity tools can come in handy when managing numerous videos, but compared to a vast set of TubeBuddy’s Bulk processing tools, these tools have way too limited options and features,

Demonetization Prevention is a major concern for many YouTube users therefore vidIQ’s controversial keywords feature can be used as a guide to spot words or phrases used in the metadata that are inappropriate or might be penalized for being troublesome.

VidIQ Demonetization

When we analyse the features of both companies, it becomes crystal clear that in the TubeBuddy vs VidIQ feature comparison, TubeBuddy is miles ahead of VidIQ.

The outstanding and robust feature-set provided by TubeBuddy provides everything a YouTube user needs to rank. TubeBuddy even provides a plethora of impressive features for free, which, in VidIQ, are offered to premium users only.

VidIQ although packs a fascinating feature-set but still many essential features are not available there that may cause you to lose the race with TubeBuddy users.

2. YouTube SEO Optimization

SEO is the major element in order to rank your videos. Every YouTuber wishes to optimize their videos so that they can outshine their competitors and gain more viewers.

But is it easy to optimize your videos?

To optimize the first thing you need is excellent content that people need to watch. Poor content can not rank no matter how much effort you put into optimizing it. So after improving your content tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ are there for you to help you optimize your videos. So, let’s take a look at those amazing features provided by each of them.


TubeBuddy has a separate section of more than 15 tools just for video SEO.

The most important is the Keyword Explorer tool that finds you the perfect keywords along with stats related to that keyword. Likewise, Rank tracking, Insta-suggest, tag lists are other important tools to find keywords and track your SEO efforts. The auto translator is also available that can translate your titles and descriptions into other languages to connect you with the greater community.

Once you find the perfect keyword through Keyword explorer, you can then make use of SEO Studio. This particular feature helps you write titles, tags, and descriptions optimized for your selected keyword. It also gives you multiple suggestions in a checklist to improve SEO and the overall SEO score.

Moreover, TubeBuddy also provides the Best practices Audit which automatically scrutinizes your videos to ensure they follow YouTube’s recommendations. It shows you the best practices along with their benefits and further resources to learn more about them. It even shows the problems that are found so that you can fix them after which it rechecks automatically to let you know the status of your videos. With the legend plan, tubeBuddy will automatically run a best practice audit on all new uploads.


VidIQ also offers multiple tools for SEO like video optimization checklist and SEO score on scorecard considering different factors like keywords used in tags and descriptions etc.

It provides a bunch of keyword tools like VidIQ boost tools to find the best keywords, the famous Keyword inspector tool that displays multiple stats about the keyword, and also a Keyword translator tool. It also has an option to enable inline keywords to see and copy tags from other videos. Moreover, it has Web Suite SEO comprising tools like Bulk SEO and channel-wide tags.

Furthermore, it also has a trending videos feature that shows the recent top ranking videos for a particular topic. Other than that, Like TubeBuddy, it shows the best to publish your videos so that they will rank on YouTube.

In Conclusion, TubeBuddy takes the lead in SEO tools and features. It provides multiple features that can boost your video rank in search and YouTube recommendations while guiding you on the way to perform better. VidIQ does provide impressive keyword and tags research tools but at the end of the day, it still lacks many prominent SEO features that TubeBuddy provides even at a low cost.

3. Pricing Plans:

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ come with free and premium plans providing diverse options for all types of users depending upon their requirements. Let’s see how much each of these plans cost us and which one is better concerning their pricing structure.

TubeBuddy Pricing

TubeBuddy’s free plan is a great way to have an insight into Tubebuddy especially if you are a beginner, you can get used to it and then go for the premium package.

But the free plan does not provide a wide range of features and limited access is granted to many features like thumbnail generator, keyword explorer, videolytics, etc. Although it provides access to the Best time to Publish tool, channelytics, low-level productivity, SEO, and research tools.

Many of these free tools are available only in VidIQ’s premium plan.

Therefore, if you are well-versed with Youtube channels and have enough followers then you should choose a premium package, as it will definitely boost your channel.

Alongside its free package, it provides three-tier premium packages;

  • TubeBuddy Pro Plan is the most basic plan best suited for beginners, as it grants additional access to most of the Productivity and Video SEO tools. It costs only  $9 a month. However, if you have less than 1000 subscribers, then you can have a 50% discount, costing only $4.5.
  • TubeBuddy Star plan is the most popular plan which grants further access to all the bulk processing and promotion tools. You can have this plan for $19 a month.
  • TubeBuddy Legend Plan is the highest tier and best plan where you can unlock the full suite of TubeBuddy features. Mostly it is recommended to Top Youtubers. It goes for $49 per month.

Other than these, it also has an Enterprise Plan dedicated for users managing more than 20 channels

TubeBuddy Pricing Plans Regular Price Discounts
TubeBuddy Pro $9/monthly Check Discounted Price
TubeBuddy Star $18/monthly Check Discounted Price
TubeBuddy Legend $49/monthly Check Discounted Price
TubeBuddy Enterprise Varies Check Discounted Price

Moreover, if you Bill annually, you will get 20% on all TubeBuddy plans.

In case you are still worried and wondering whether it would turn out to be best for you or not, then don’t worry. Try it out as you can ask for a refund within 30 days of subscription if it does not work well with you.

VidIQ Pricing

Like TubeBuddy, VidIQ also has a free plan but the features it offers in its free plan are nowhere close to those provided in TubeBuddy. In the competition with multiple free features of TubeBuddy, VidIQ only allows access to Video Scorecard, Live stats bar, basic video analytics, and a tool to compare views.

Aside from this free plan, it has two premium packages and an enterprise-level plan.

  • VidIQ Pro Plan allows greater access to its features, where you can have few Web suite tools that include Keyword research and video analytics. You will also get access to most of its Chrome and Firefox extensions as well. This plan will cost you $7.5 a month.
  • VidIQ Boost Plan unlocks the whole feature-set of VidIQ except for its Plus features. Many of the features like Keyword engine, Bulk SEO optimization, and SEO analytics, thumbnail preview, are only available in this plan. This plan is priced at $39 a month.

VidIQ also provides an Enterprise level plan called Boost+ that provides access to the complete suite of VidIQ including Plus features like personalized coaching, tips, and tricks for Dedicated creators and agencies. This plan starts at $415 a month.

VidIQ Pricing Plans Regular Price Discounts
VidIQ Pro $7.5 Check Discounted Price
VidIQ Boost $39 Check Discounted Price
VidIQ Boost + $415 Check Discounted Price

You can also enjoy its 30-days money-back guarantee without hesitating.

This category has a clear winner: TubeBuddy. VidIQ has a good pricing structure but when compared with TubeBuddy it is nowhere close. The free version of TubeBuddy is much better while its premium packages also offer a wide range of features and greater access for such an affordable price while VidIq does not.

Hence, TubeBuddy provides greater value for money.

Final Thoughts

TubeBuddy and VidIQ both are outstanding YouTube management tools. But the absolute winner of this detailed TubeBuddy vs VidIQ comparison is TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is more feature-rich while its free version is also far better than that of VidIQ. It also provides these splendid features at a relatively affordable price.

When we compare both across multiple categories, we conclude that TubeBuddy wins in the majority of the categories and takes the lead in almost every aspect. Therefore, we recommend using TubeBuddy if you want to surpass your competitors, rank better, grow your channel, increase your watch time and subscribers.

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