Do you want your YouTube videos to have greater reach, more views, more likes, leading to more subscribers and eventually generating more income?

Then you must join hands with TubeBuddy (also known as YouTube Buddy)  because having a partner like it in a long journey of YouTube is very essential if you want your YouTube channel to reach the next level.

So what is TubeBuddy?

It’s a YouTube-certified browser extension officially supported on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It comes with a wide variety of tools to manage, optimize, and grow your channel. It can be time-saving through its productivity tools, while it can help grow your channel through powerful YouTube SEO tools, and help you compete with its competitor analysis.

These days It’s not easy to achieve success on YouTube. According to the study of ‘tubics’, there are 31 million YouTube channels out there. Secondly, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that over 500 hours of content is uploaded every minute.

But, this can change. You can still win and rank much higher amongst all this tough competition if you have a lifesaver tool like TubeBuddy with you.

Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through its core features and its pricing structure while showing you how to use TubeBuddy.

Sruggling To Grow on YouTube?

Growing a YouTube channel in 2021 is a hectic task unless you join hands with TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is a Premiere YouTube channel management toolkit that allows creators to research, create and optimize their YouTube videos to ensure that the videos get maximum engagement.

Infact, TubeBuddy has helped 1000’s YouTubers to get 50X more views & Subscribers. Also, as the competition on YouTube increasing exponentially day by day, it’s clear that if you want to grow your YouTube channel in this sheer competition then TubeBuddy is a must-have tool.

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Now let’s start our TubeBuddy journey.

TubeBuddy Features

TubeBuddy comes with a suite of robust features that directly connect to your YouTube account. All of these features will help boost your channel and generate a stream of views and subscribers.

TubeBuddy has divided its features into 5 categories. These are;

  1. Productivity tools.
  2. Bulk Processing tools,
  3. Video SEO tools.
  4. Promotion tools.
  5. Data and research tools.
TubeBuddy Features For YouTube

Each of these categories consists of a plethora of features, but we will be discussing some of the most prominent features.

1) Keyword Explorer

Have you ever been a Blogger? If yes, then you must be well aware of the importance of a keyword.

Bloggers use multiple tools for searching keywords, like the Google Keyword Planner tool. Similarly, a Youtuber like you also needs a powerful source of keywords that can boost your video ranking on youtube.

And guess what? That compelling sea of keywords is the Keyword Explorer.

It will help you find the perfect Youtube keywords that are a vital part of ranking your Youtube videos, eventually generating more views. Moreover, it will also show your trending tags that will keep your videos at a high rank for a longer span of time.

To access it, click on the tube buddy icon, and from the listed options, select “Keyword Explorer”.

Then enter your primary keyword in the search bar and leave the rest on your partner TubeBuddy. It will get you all the best-related tags along with their respective search volume and competition helping in targeting what people are really looking for on Youtube.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that in the free version, you will only have limited access to Keyword explorer while pro and higher plans give you complete access to it. In limited access, you will only be allowed to do 25 searches a day while it will only show the top 3 results of each category.

2) Thumbnail Generator

What’s the first thing that piques your interest in a YouTube video?

Yeah, right. It’s the Video thumbnail; that magnetizing picture that entices you to watch the YouTube video.

TubeBuddy also comes up with a thumbnail generator that can surprisingly save much of your time and even money by providing you with all that you need to create a professional thumbnail that gives a surge to clicks on your video.

With its amazing thumbnail generator tool, you can create a fabulous thumbnail in just a few clicks rather than spending hours on any other tool like Adobe Photoshop or Canva. Moreover, it can even save you some bucks as you will no longer need to buy the license of a separate tool just to generate thumbnails.

It allows you to upload high-quality images from your computer, customize fonts and colours, and even allows you to choose a solid colour as your background.

It’s very intuitive allowing you to convert a chosen still frame from your video into an attractive thumbnail with text and graphic overlays. If you are a fan of consistency in thumbnails for which you want a distinguished template with logos and other graphics, then you can create that as well.

To access it, first head over to the “My Videos” page on YouTube. Select the TubeBuddy menu beside the video you want to create the thumbnail for. From there, select “Thumbnail Generator”.

What you must keep in mind is that with the free version, you only get limited access while with a Pro or higher license you are in complete control. In limited mode, you are permitted to add only one custom image while you can neither download the copy of the image nor you can create templates.

3) Best time to Publish

Would you want your YouTube video to be uploaded at a time when your target audience is active or when they are fast asleep?

Of course, to maximize views, you should upload it when most of the targeted users are online. Amazingly, with TubeBuddy, you won’t have to deduce the right time, instead, it will apprise you of the precise optimal days and hours when you should publish your videos. This will overall help boost initial view velocity on your YouTube videos.

Best time to Publish Feature of tubebuddy

This tool tells you the ideal time to publish for everyone to view or even specifically for subscribers and non-subscribers.

To access it, open your YouTube channel and from there click on the TubeBuddy icon that opens up the TubeBuddy main menu. Amongst several other options, select the “best time to Publish” option.

This feature is available in all plans whether it be free or a paid version.

4) Video A/B Test

When you create a thumbnail or a title for your YouTube video, you might have observed that different styles and colors lead to a different level of video reach on YouTube.

Therefore, the video A/B test tool of TubeBuddy helps you compare two or more elements, to find out which one of them will perform better. This even gets you the best style for your description, thumbnail, or title to drive the most eyeballs on your video.

It will also determine the effect on the search traffic caused by any changes to the title, tags, or description of your video.

But, if you want this tool, then you must purchase the highest license of TubeBuddy that is known as TubeBuddy legend.

5) Bulk Processing Tools

Manually adding, deleting, copying, or updating end screens one by one on numerous videos can take forever and is such arduous work.

TubeBuddy realized this and came up with a complete set of bulk processing tools that allows bulk copy, deletion, and update of cards and end screen.

Furthermore, it even grants Bulk find, replace, and append features to quickly replace such as a hyperlink in many different videos’ descriptions with another link. You can also replace social media profiles or a website’s URL being promoted in your videos.

Bulk Find Append Tubebuddy Feature

It can be found on the My videos page on YouTube from where you need to select “Titles and Description” from the Bulk Meta Updates in the TubeBuddy menu.

Similarly, if you have a big channel with dozens of videos already uploaded, and now you wish to change or add a logo on your thumbnails.

So, can you do it manually? Yeah, you can, if you have days to spare just to work on this.

Here, TubeBuddy presents itself at your service again by allowing you to add graphic overlay in bulk to either a few or all of your video thumbnails. If you want to add a graphic overlay in only a certain playlist then that is even possible. This graphic overlay can be a logo of the sponsor brand or your channel’s new logo.

You might be wondering that a particular sponsor brand is not everlasting, it’s just for a certain period of time. Don’t worry because bulk removal of the graphic overlay is also available.

You can find it by heading over to the My videos page on Youtube where you can select “Thumbnail overlays” from the bulk TubeBuddy menu above your YouTube videos.

When it comes to end screens, you can easily bulk update, copy or delete it in just a few clicks. At the top of the My Videos Page on YouTube, you will find all three options under “Bulk End Screen Updates” in the TubeBuddy menu.

Bulk Update End Screen Feature of TubeBuddy

For Example, for End Screen updating, TubeBuddy allows you to choose the particular criteria to search for in a specific video which you will mention through the video URL in the space provided. Then, you can tick the box and mention either title, image or URL that needs to be replaced. Furthermore, it will give you the option to filter out the videos that you need to update.

Keep in mind, that you can get your hands on all of the different features in the bulk processing category only if you are subscribed to either Star or Legend plan.

6) Channel Backup

Afraid of data loss?

Yeah, that’s a serious problem and once you know that all of your precious data is backed up, you will certainly have peace of mind. TubeBuddy with its Channel backup feature makes it super easy to attain that peace of mind.

It backs up all of the videos’ metadata in CSV format, which includes videos’ title, tags, description, video id, and so on.

You just need to open your My Videos page on YouTube and head to the channel Backup button under misc tools. The backup time varies depending on the number of videos as it allows backup of videos since the last backup or even backup of the entire channel. That’s simply amazing, right?

All of this data can be stored in Excel or Google docs. Moreover, it even helps in sorting or searching video data once it’s in excel.

This feature is fully available for Star and Legend subscribers only, although limited access is granted to Pro subscribers. By limited, it means that you cannot export results to CSV.

6) Videolytics

To rank your videos and to have a higher reach, an important step is to research your competitor’s videos and look for what’s in the videos that cause them to rank higher.

This was not an easy task until TubeBuddy came up with its Videolytics feature that grants you access to advanced insights and analytics for any video on YouTube.

You can even have a head-to-head comparison of two videos across numerous variety of stats as it allows comparing with any specific video of your competitor, or with the channel’s most popular video or you can even compare a particular video with a video on your own channel. To compare, just click on the “compare” button on the top of the Videolytics panel.

This grants you a great insight into what needs to be changed in your video to rank it higher.

Whenever you watch a video, the Videolytics panel will appear on the right side showing tons of useful stats of the video you are watching. These stats include a summary of the video’s performance in terms of likes, comments, and views, the SEO score, the tags used, the channel, and other social stats. Moreover, it also shows the best practices that enable you to look for a certain feature that lacks in your video.

At the bottom, there is a button labeled “Show Search Rankings”. You can click on it to see where the video rank in a YouTube search based on its used tags.

In conclusion, Videolytics is that one feature that can assist you in competing with your rivals leading you to win the race by having a higher ranking. It’s available in all paid subscriptions while limited access is granted to free users where they can only compare the video to the most popular video on the channel.

We have closely examined some of its core features and it can be seen, how TubeBuddy converted weeks’ long work into a couple of simple clicks. So, how much TubeBuddy ask for in return for the hard work it puts into your YouTube channel?

Pricing Plans

TubeBuddy comes with a variety of plans from free to its three-tier premium packages depending on the need of the user. It also comes with an enterprise plan for users managing more than 20 YouTube channels.

TubeBuddy, keeping up with its competitors, also provides a free plan. But as expected, this plan does not give access to a wide variety of features while limited access is granted in some features like thumbnail generator, playlist actions, keyword explorer, and videolytics.

It grants complete access to few low-level productivity tools like quick edit toolbar, only 3 SEO tools that include tag rankings and tag sorter, and few data and research tools like search insights and channel valuation. But it does provide access to the “best time to publish” tool.

Now let’s take a look at its three-tier plan.

The first basic plan is the TubeBuddy Pro plan that is best suited to beginners. It additionally grants access to most of the productivity tools and video SEO tools, thumbnail generator, tags and Keyword research, and much more. This Pro plan costs a relatively lower price of $9 per month for one channel.

Moreover, The company offers a 50% discount if your channel has less than 1000 subscribers. What else would one need? That’s a perfect plan for a beginner on YouTube that grants them an opportunity to succeed further in their YouTube career with their partner TubeBuddy.

Get TubeBuddy Pro

Its middle-tier plan is the TubeBuddy Star Plan which is the most popular one as well. Alongside all the Pro features, it also provides all the bulk processing and promotion tools, advanced scheduling, and even card/Endscreen templates, and much more. But you won’t be able to use advanced features like A/B testing, competitor scorecard, retention analyzer, video opportunities, auto and tag translator, and channel access tool.

You can get this plan for $19 per month.

Get TubeBuddy Star

Finally, the highest-tier plan is the TubeBuddy Legend Plan that comes at $49 per month. So, if you wish to have a full suite of TubeBuddy features then you can go with this plan. This plan is recommended to top Youtubers only as it might not be a smart move for a beginner to purchase it.

The Legend Plan provides good value for small to midsize businesses, including agencies that market on behalf of clients, and who want to get better returns for their video marketing efforts. By this, you will be able to A/B test videos, use a retention analyzer, track search ranks, perform competitor analysis, and much more as now you have unleashed the full potential of TubeBuddy.

Get TubeBuddy Legend

If you are worried that whether it would be worth it or not. then you need to. Just try it out and if you feel unsatisfied then ask for a refund within 30 days of subscription. You get all your money back as TubeBuddy amazingly offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line

In the world of high competition, if you want your YouTube channel to reach heights of success, then TubeBuddy premium is a must. TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified browser extension that will be integrated with your channel and help manage, optimize, and boost your video’s ranking. It comes with a set of features aimed at generating more views on your videos and more subscribers to your channel.

We recommend you to go with TubeBuddy legend if you have an ample amount of subscribers so that you can get access to all the premium and advanced features. With its help, you can reach another level of success in just a few months, which would otherwise take years to reach.

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