Ways Mobile Gaming Technology Has Changed in Recent Years

When you think of mobile gaming you might think of some of the older handheld consoles, or you might even think of older games on mobile when iPhone batteries were a million miles from what they are now. Gaming has changed in general, and this has dragged mobile gaming along with it. People who spend a lot of time commuting or on the go may find that they play games for their entertainment fix, plus, with mobile gaming, sometimes it is just easier to log in and play a game while watching television or doing something else simultaneously.

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, mobile gaming is no exception.

Mobile phones

More Casino Games (and Payment Options)

Casino gaming serves as a really interesting example of how games have changed, and some casino games have been around for a long time, but keep evolving. Naturally, games that were originally played in casinos in person and have their roots in the 1700s and 1800s *like some casino games) eventually moved online. The digital revolution happened some time ago, but new ways to play games are still coming out as well as tweaks to the way customers interact with mobile entertainment.

In the early 2000s, there was a boom in online casino gaming partially due to the fact the technology had grown and enabled more people to play these games. Similarly, with the uptake of cryptocurrencies, there is a similar level of growth now. Bitcoin casinos are a way for people to play with faster transactions and more convenience in other ways. Bonuses including mBit Bitcoin casino promotions can also be a way to maximize the initial deposit when signing up for an account, with people often choosing to use signup bonuses when creating new accounts.

Payments from digital wallets tend to make it both easier and more secure for players to sign up and they may also find that there is more anonymity if they are using crypto, as they don’t need to provide so many personal details upon signup or when depositing. Crypto games have even spawned a specific genre including Crash games on Bitcoin casinos.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Players of mobile games may find that they are noticing more games incorporating tech like AR and VR. Virtual Reality has always been a form of technology people have thought of as being just around the corner. If you have been to a tech fair or electronics fair in the US in recent years you may have seen something new in terms of VR and AR tech, but it could be that now it is starting to provide people with the gaming experience they expected.

Apple Vision Pro is one of the biggest innovations of 2024 so far when it comes to this kind of technology and there are already AR and VR games available to those who have paid for the headset. It is not cheap and this is a barrier for some players but it is possible that it is a sign of things to come.

Headsets in general aren’t always cheap but they are coming down in price when you look at what is available for Xbox and PlayStation, as well as for PC gamers, so this could lead to a more widespread adoption of AR and VR games.

Remote Play Connects Players to Consoles

An innovation that has definitely been one of the biggest in the industry recently is the addition of remote play and similar technology. Remote Play from Xbox provides players with a chance to connect via their phone and play the games already on their Xbox console or included with Game Pass.

Android and iOS devices may be compatible with Remote Play, and this allows people to download an app that effectively connects them to their console even when they are on the go. Mobile data speeds have grown incredibly quickly, meaning even people who may not be connected to the internet may be able to play games on their consoles while traveling.

GeForce Now from Nvidia is another example of gaming companies moving in this direction. Netflix is the example gaming is following in streaming, as the industry goes through an evolution similar to what we saw the film and TV industry already has. Netflix itself is now providing some games on its platform, showing the demand and reach of mobile games.



Gaming technology has long been the subject of a lot of investment, the gaming industry is one of the biggest entertainment industries, worth a lot of money – billions of dollars – every year. Apple and Android are competing, along with other mobile gaming companies, to give people the best possible experience. The way people play casino games and even interact with console gaming has changed due to modern advancements and tech becoming more advanced, and this is something that doesn’t seem likely to change heading forward.

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