If you love shopping and frequently shop at Walmart, you must have thought about ‘Walmart customer service hours.’ If you have some query regarding customer service hours at Walmart, you have landed at the right place.

I am a regular buyer from Walmart, and with my research and experience with Walmart customer service, I will showcase detailed information regarding Walmart customer service hours.


Customer service hours at Walmart vary based on location. The supercentres of Walmart have customer service desks that open during regular hours, i.e., from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm. The customer service of Walmart stores is available to help customers with any problem or issues they face during shopping.

Opening and closing times of Walmart customer service hours

As mentioned above, customer service hours at Walmart may go from location to location; however, it will be from 08.00 AM to 10.00 PM.

Most of the Walmartshopper’s search queries like ‘What time does customer service closes at Walmart’ or ‘what time does Walmart customer service open’?

The answer to this question is that customer service at Walmart opens at 08.00 AM and closes at 10.00 PM.

But the customer service hours may be different as per the location, so it will be better to check store hours online simply by calling the customer service of Walmart.

However, the great thing is Walmart customer service hours are open the entire week, i.e., it includes weekend days also, i.e., Saturday and Sunday.

Also, there is a very high chance that you get in-person assistance from a Walmart customer service representative at the Walmart service desk to get your query solved better.

Highlights of Walmart customer service hours

Name Customer service hours at Walmart
Official website https://www.Walmart.com/
Company name Walmart
Related to Walmart customer service
Opening and closing 08.00 AM to 10.00 PM

How can you find Walmart customer service desk hours?

There are a few methods to find Walmart customer service hours easily. Let’s check out.

  1. Walmart service desk hours locator

On the official website of Walmart, you can explore the Walmart service desk hour locator feature. You can also use Walmart stores near me for the same. Visit the store finder page of Walmart. After that, enter your zip code, state, and city, and your nearest Walmart service desk details will be displayed with opening and closing times.

  1. Use Google maps

With the help of Google Maps, you can find and check the customer service hours of Walmart. This method is very easy and convenient. Simply search Walmart service hours in the search bar, and your nearby services will be displayed to you.

  1. Use Walmart app

You can use the Walmart app from the play store or iTunes to get the service details. Now select the app’s store service and top customer service. This app lets you easily find customer service desk hours at Walmart and connect with them.

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What does the customer service of Walmart do?

Walmart’s amazing customer service shines through its dedicated team of customer service. They are experts in resolving any query. Even if you shop online from a Walmart store, you can connect with these amazing services to resolve your query.

The professional customer service at Walmart is well-equipped to help you with replacements, exchanges, and returns, and they make sure that you are fully content with your orders.

For your convenience, they are available at the beginning of every store, and they serve as a central hub for customers looking for any kind of assistance.

In addition to in-store customer service, you can easily reach customer service experts via other mediums.

Whether you prefer the traditional phone call method or the very convenient online communication, these experts are just a click or call away. They are always ready to provide guidance and support for your help.


With Walmart’s customer service center, you can get assistance with stamps. Money center, price matches, out-of-stock items, theft, problems with the store, employee complaints, broken items, customer returns, and applications for a Walmart credit card. However, you need to follow their customer service hours which can be checked from the schedule as mentioned above.

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