The Role of a Paternity Lawyer in Child Support and Custody Battles

As a society, we’ve largely abandoned the belief that mothers deserve full or primary custody without question. Still, almost 80% of custodial parents are mothers.

If you’re a father navigating divorce and child custody, this statistic can feel unnerving. Is it possible that your child’s mother could end up with child custody regardless of your desires?

With the right legal representation, you can build a compelling case and defend your rights. Read on to learn the role of a paternity lawyer in matters of child support and custody.

Establishing Legal Paternity

Legal paternity will play an important role in your rights as a father. It’s easy to establish legal paternity if you have gone through the legal proceedings of adopting non-biological children. Otherwise, your paternity lawyer will help you complete a DNA test to present in court.


Setting Realistic Child Support

Unless you receive sole custody of your child, you may still need to pay child support. A paternity lawyer can evaluate both your financial standing and the finances of your child’s mother to determine a fair rate of child support. Otherwise, you may find yourself stretched thin without real cause.

Building a Strong Case

If you and the mother of your child are not in agreement about sole or shared custody, you will need to build a compelling case for yourself. Establishing in court that you are a fit parent (or that your child’s mother isn’t) is not as easy as it may seem. A paternity lawyer can provide legal advocacy and help you find character witnesses and other supporting evidence.

Avoiding Custody Pitfalls

There are many ways that a parent can hurt their own case during a custody battle. Things like harboring a child or badmouthing the other parent in front of the child can and will come up in the court of family law. A paternity lawyer will advise their client on what to say, what not to say, and what actions to avoid at home and in the courtroom.

Modifying Court Orders

In any state, one or both parents can submit a request to modify an existing child custody agreement. Even if you’ve been through this process before, you should look for fathers rights attorneys for hire. You’re going to need significant evidence to prove that you deserve more time with your child if their mother isn’t in agreement.


Hire a Paternity Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

If you’re a father fighting for custody or against high child support rates, don’t get caught up in drawn-out custody disputes that don’t go your way. A paternity lawyer can advise you each step of the way and put together the evidence you need to protect your rights as a father. It may seem like mothers always win custody, but great fathers can, too.

It’s always good to educate yourself before entering into any kind of legal battle. We have plenty of tips and guides to prepare you for the tough situations in your life. Take a look around and learn something new.

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