Sitebuilder or Wix – which one is a better website builder in 2023?
Read this comprehensive Sitebuilder vs Wix comparison to see which one is actually better.

With the ever-growing technology and inflow of website builders at an unprecedented rate, it has become difficult to find the right one that completely fulfills your website’s requirements. In this saturated market, you will encounter tons of website builders portraying themselves as the best, but in reality, they are not even worth it.

You will see free and paid website builder services, both of which come with their pros and cons. But as you know that choosing the right website builder will give a boost to your website security, performance, speed, SEO, uptime, and its features will lead you to success.

That is why going with a premium version of website builder is the best option as you get a complete suite of features rather than limited mediocre features in a free plan.

But how to make sure that the website builder you are choosing is best for you? For that, evaluating them against several categories is necessary.

To help you select the right website builder for your online needs our team has spent countless hours evaluating both Sitebuilder and Wix against Features, Pricing, Customer Support, Ease of Use and Customizability, eCommerce and Blogging functionality and much more. So stick around and by the end of this, you will definitely find the best one.

In a hurry? Check out this summary of the Sitebuilder vs Wix comparison.

Comparison At a Glance

Sitebuilder is a website builder that boasts an AI tool for website development. It is incredibly easy to use and provides simple tools therefore it has many limitations for experts or mid or large-sized businesses. You can create a basic website, eCommerce store, and blog with it therefore if you need more, this won’t be powerful enough to provide what you need.

Wix is a DIY website builder which is an all-in-one solution. Wix with its advanced functionality, AI tools, a wide variety of customization options, ease of use, app market, theme library, and reasonable pricing structure has arguably been the leader of the website building niche. This makes it ideal for beginners and experts likewise.

1. Features:
Winner: Wix. Wix is far ahead of Sitebuilder in this category as it provides scores of impressive features and tools conducive to the creation of a professional website with ease as opposed to mainly basic features of Sitebuilder.

2. Ease Of Use and Customizability:
Winner: Wix. Without a doubt, Wix is the winner due to its intuitive technology and a wide array of customization features while Sitebuilder is more intuitive but less creative freedom and features are given.

3. Templates Library:
Winner: Wix. Wix has an upper leg over Sitebuilder due to advanced template editing options, creative freedom, and flexibility along with a collection of the best templates around the market. However, both of them come up with huge template libraries.

4. Pricing:
Winner: Wix.  Wix provides a greater value of money as it offers affordable pricing plans with an impressive feature-set that gets you everything you need.

5. Blogging:
Winner: Wix. Blogging is yet another feature in which Wix excels at helping you build a full-fledged blog, in contrast to the very basic blogging features and editing options of Sitebuilder.

6. eCommerce Functionalities:
Winner: Wix. Sitebuilder does not even come close to Wix’s eCommerce functionality which provides a plethora of robust eCommerce features leading your way to eCommerce success.

7. Integrations:
Winner: Wix. Wix prevails over Sitebuilder as it provides an enormous Wix app Market to enhance every aspect of the website’s functionality, however, you will get a few add-ons with Sitebuilder.

8. Customer Support:
Winner: Sitebuilder. Sitebuilder wins over Wix due to better and responsive direct support options, however, Wix provides better self-help resources.

Short Verdict: Which is Better, Webflow or Wix?

Wix is the absolute winner of Webflow vs Wix comparison as it prevails over its competitor in almost all categories. Wix provides a myriad of high-end features, impressive template collection, flexibility, ease of use, a plethora of customization and design options at an affordable cost. Sitebuilder is intuitive, affordable, and has excellent customer support but provides mainly basic functionality and less creative freedom.

1) Sitebuilder vs Wix: Features

Who do you think provides better features- Sitebuilder or Wix?

Sitebuilder offers a lot of great features but it mainly encompasses basic features. Starting with a free hosting service and SSL for security that comes with all of its plans and SSL certificates that help build the trust of visitors to your site.

Moreover, you also get a one-year free domain registration along with free email accounts for professional interaction with clients.

SItebuilder surprisingly presents a Logo builder that comes in handy for new businesses. The tools work on AI technology that asks your business name and slogan, consequently suggesting you a number of logos. Once you pick the perfect one, you can customize it by changing its colours, symbols, shapes, text, spacing, name, slogan, and testing different variations.

For faster performance and speed of your website, it has a CDN. You can also view detailed website insights and analytics which includes bounce rate, visitor count, session time, visitor map, page stats, and much more.

It allows you to add images and videos to your site, however, audio files can not be added directly. For images, it grants you access to its free image library containing 1,000,000+ images. You also get music and video players, contact forms, live social feeds,  mailing list buttons, and a built-in contact management system.

Additionally, you get access to Social Booster that lets you post images and text, Event posts, and Offer posts, on Google My Business local listing and other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. This helps increase the SEO and reach of your site.

But now let’s see what Wix brings to the table.

Wix has a massive suite of advanced features that help you build any kind of website. Like Sitebuilder, it also grants a free SSL certificate. Wix comes up with a multi-layered advanced security system that includes DDos Protection, 2-Step verification, centralized Website security, level 1 PCI Compliant, and 24/7 Wix website security monitoring.

The site is also backed up while restoring it is just one click away. Storage capacity ranges from 500MB to 50GB depending upon the plan while subscribers of higher plans get unlimited bandwidth.

You also get a free domain name for the first term when subscribing to a yearly plan, Free web hosting, personalized email, a rich library with free visual content, multiple social tools, and a content management system.

Amazingly, you get a mobile app that grants you access to plenty of features so that it becomes easier to run your website or store on the run. Like you get dashboard features, the ability to share posts, drive email marketing campaigns, view analytics, and much more.

Wix also creates a business logo for you within minutes at no cost. You just need to answer a few questions about your brand, and you will get a logo. The logo is completely customizable to style it the way you want it while you also get commercial rights of the logo you create. Moreover, you can hire a professional at Wix to do the job.

Wix Logo Creator

Commendably, you can integrate Wix Multilingual to your site to enhance your global presence by translating your site into more than 180 languages. It can redirect your visitors to your site translated in their language, while you get to add a local subdomain, design your language menu whereby ranking on search engines in every language.

Above all, the wide variety of editing and customization features, Wix Editor, Velo by Wix, and Wix ADI tool, grant you great creative freedom.

Wix ADI feature for example creates a whole website for you based on your answers to a few questions, while you sit back and relax. The website made for you is also fully customizable helping you quickly create a website tailored to your requirements.

Wix did not stop here, as it provides a wide range of marketing tools including advanced SEO tools, deep insights and Analytics, and the ability to run impressive email marketing campaigns. Not to forget the Wix app market containing tons of apps, widgets, integrations, to extend the functionality of your website by many folds.


In summary, Wix is miles ahead of Sitebuilder in terms of features, as it encompasses dozens of advanced features that help easily create a top-notch website of any kind. Sitebuilder does provide nice features, but it lacks plenty of features that limit its site to basic functionality.

Winner: Wix

2) Sitebuilder vs Wix: Ease of Use and Customizability

Ease of use is one of the most essential factors to look for in a website builder because if you can’t build a website painlessly with top customization options, then what’s the benefit of having a website builder after all. So, let’s get going!

Sitebuilder primarily focuses on providing ease of use for its users. Getting started with the website is simple and can be done in a few minutes. Sitebuilder, like Wix, also uses an AI wizard, where the system asks you to answer a few questions based upon which it automatically creates a whole website for you.

Once you are done with the set-up process, you get a brief guided tour of the editor helping you get going.  The backend dashboard of Sitebuilder is intuitive and well-organized, therefore, it can easily be mastered by first-timers.

When it comes to customization, Sitebuilder provides an easy-to-use WYSIWYG and drag and drop editor giving you control over basic tweaks on the pre-filled templates, hence a site is built without a line of coding. But to be honest, the customization features are way too restricted adding up to the irritation of the users.

You can change the colour palette, fonts, and effects of the Sitebuilder themes. However, there are a handful of font selections and you can’t create your own colour scheme. It allows you to add, remove, or drag a section (full-width blocks of content containing a single element) to different locations on a page. But the elements-  like text box, image, button- can not be moved within a section.

Moreover, neither the sections can be laid side by side, nor sections can be moved between pages. This will eventually limit your site’s growth and improvement with time. Sitebuilder section choices include sections for image galleries, carousels, maps, testimonials, and progress bar. However, the limited modifying options of these sections is frustrating.

Furthermore, some elements like text boxes and buttons are already fixed in place, for which only an option to hide them is available in the menu bar.

Let’s jump to the ease of use and customization of Wix.

Wix, on the other hand, is not limited to just AI technology. It comes up with two distinguished editors. One is a standard drag-and-drop editor while the other is Wix ADI. The users can choose any one of them and can also switch between the two. Therefore, unlike at Sitebuilder, you won’t get generic results.

Wix is designed skillfully to cater for small and medium-sized businesses and users who do not know how to code. The signing up process is also straightforward while it has a user-friendly control panel and dashboard. The platform can be excelled in a matter of time but initially, there is a slight learning curve due to loads of features at hand.

Wix Editor with its drag-and-drop functionality allows you to select and drag elements and content and place it wherever you wish with no structural limitations. All the elements are customizable to give your site the perfect look.

Extensive font selection and custom color palettes are available along with an opportunity to add advanced features to your sites like innovative transparent videos and custom animations.

The Wix ADI is outstanding as it builds a site within minutes which is also customizable as well. In addition to that, it also provides you with a Wix Mobile Editor to enhance the site on mobile. Unlike Sitebuilder, Wix also grants an option of coding for more creative freedom. Velo by Wix makes it possible to build advanced web applications, make the site more dynamic, connect to 100s of APIs, and write code in its built-in IDE.

In conclusion,  Wix is the obvious winner over Sitebuilder here as it comes with a massive suite of customization features yet proves to be easy to use making it a perfect choice even for beginners. Sitebuilder is also much easier to use but it comes with restrictions and less creative freedom.

Winner: Wix.

3) SiteBuilder vs Wix: Template Library

Templates are customizable themes that enhance the look and feel of your website without much effort. Let’s see how SItebuilder and Wix perform in this category.

Sitebuilder boasts an extensive template library containing hundreds of templates to choose from. Once you sign in to the Sitebuilder website builder you will be asked to choose a template. Choose one with the “flow and feel” you like and design that meets your requirements.

You can also preview the template before choosing it to see how it will look on your site. Keep in mind that once you select a template for your site, it can not be switched to any other afterward.

Rest assured as these templates are mobile responsive so can adjust easily to any screen size. Moreover, you can access the mobile editor to make changes for mobile viewing.

Sitebuilder’s drag-and-drop editor makes it possible to customize the template without coding. However, it comes with too many structural limitations like sections cannot be laid next to each other.

The templates are divided into various categories like photography, travel and hotel, lifestyle, trade, beauty, and fashion, etc to make it easy to search for the right template. The customization options include hiding or showing elements, adjusting spaces between sections, adding pages, replacing sections’ elements, editing sections, and changing the color theme.

Wix has one of the most impressive template collections in the market as it provides around 800 enchanting HTML5 templates that will certainly glorify your site.

These templates are arranged into 18 different categories like Business, Design, Photography, Fashion, etc, which are in turn divided into further tabs to make browsing easier. Amazingly, all of these templates are free of cost.

Like Sitebuilder you also get a preview option and these themes are also adaptive to other screen sizes. You can also make edits in the mobile version of the template, which will not change your template structure on the desktop. If somehow, you don’t find any template, then you can also go for a blank template and build it from scratch.

Furthermore, Wix’s templates are fully customizable as you can add pages, images, elements,  edit content and much more. You can place the elements wherever you want as there is no structural limitation.

Sadly, Wix shares a downside with Sitebuilder which is not being able to switch to other templates once you have chosen one. So make sure to take your time reviewing different templates through the available preview option.

To keep it short, Wix takes the lead here as well. Although both website builders have enormous template libraries, Wix due to its greater template editing options and flexibility wins.

Winner: Wix

4) SiteBuilder vs Wix: Pricing

It’s necessary to know how much money it would cost you to make use of the website builders’ features. That’s why we compare the pricing of Sitebuilder and Wix.

SiteBuilder, unfortunately, does not provide a free plan. Moreover, you don’t even get a free trial that could prove to be a dropdown for many users. It only offers a 14-day money-back guarantee so if you don’t like the system, ask for a refund.

As for the premium plans, you will get to see a 3-tier plan (starting at $13 a month). It does not specify the amount of storage and bandwidth offered with the plan which creates a serious question mark. However, you get free hosting, Ad Credits (Valid for US/CA only), and a free domain name for the first term.

The pricing structure of the 3-tier pricing plan is as follows;

SiteBuilder Pricing Plans Regular Price Best-for Discounted Price
Pro Plan $13 Beginners Check Price
Premium Plan $15.75 Advanced Users Check Price
eCommerce Plan $23.50 Ecommerce Store Check Price

You get a 60% discount on all plans for the first term of service only if you subscribe for 2 years. After a year, they will renew to regular prices as mentioned above. Also keep in mind that if you cancel the plan, you will have to pay a $16 domain fee.

Let’s see how Wix compares in this category.

Wix, on the other hand, provides a free plan that never expires. Obviously, it comes with limitations but still, you can explore the system and test its functionality.

In its free plan, you are restricted to 500 MB of storage and bandwidth while Google Analytics and online payment processing are not accessible. Moreover, it contains Wix ads and you cannot have a custom domain or build an eCommerce store.

But if you want to access its full functionality, then go for the premium plan which is mainly divided into two categories: Website plans (starting at $4.5 a month) for creating personal professional sites and eCommerce plans (starting at $17 a month) for accepting online payment and setting an online store. You also get a 14-day money-back guarantee on all premium plans.

Following is the pricing structure of Website Plans;

Wix Website Plans Regular Price Best-for Discounted Price
Connect Domain Plan $4.50/month Beginners Check Price
Combo Plan $8.50/month Personal Website Check Price
Unlimited Plan $12.50/monthly Entrepreneurs Check Price
VIP Plan $24.50/monthly Advanced Webmasters Check Price

The pricing structure of Wix Business and eCommerce plans is as follows:

Wix Business Plans Regular Price Best-for Discounted Price
Business Basic $17 New Business Owners Check Price
Business VIP $25 Advanced Webmasters Check Price
Business Unlimited $35 Large Business Check Price

In short, Wix provides a much better value for money due to its free and affordable plans which are accompanied by tons of functions and features. Sitebuilder lacks greater functionality but still asks for such pricing tags.

Winner: Wix

5) Sitebuilder vs Wix: Blogging functionality 

It has become a growing need for websites to have blogs especially to drive traffic to the site, therefore it is necessary to check whether Sitebuilder and Wix provide blogging functionality or not.

Sitebuilder unveils an opportunity to add a blog to your site. It lets you choose a blog template from the available ones and then start with posting a blog post. It allows you to create and add tags, manage your blog posts,  edit blog permalink, add RSS feeds, slightly customize your theme, pin and schedule posts to be published later, insert cover images, and create featured posts.

Sidebar Blogging Interface

Now, let’s check what Wix brings up against Sitebuilder.

Wix specializes in Blog functionality as well due to its advanced blogging feature-set. You can choose a blog template and customize it as you want it to be. It enables you to add blogpost, translate it, style and edit text and images, apply filters, align content, add categories, hashtags, and tag clouds, pick a featured image, integrate advanced SEO tools like AMP and Schema, and collaborate with the blog team by adding multiple writers and editors.

Wix Blogging Interface

It’s praiseworthy that Wix allows you to use its free blog name generator, add a custom domain name, share the blog on social media like Facebook, send automatic email notifications, and view blog analytics through its built-in analytics tools.

Moreover, you can offer subscriptions to visitors, use a Pay button to sell, and monetize it to make money from your blog. It even allows you to manage and create blog posts from your mobile phone.

In short, it’s obvious that Wix takes the lead here as well due to its full-featured blog functionality as opposed to the pretty basic features and customization options of Sitebuilder.

Winner: Wix

6) Sitebuilder vs Wix: eCommerce functionality

Do Sitebuilder and Wix provide enough eCommerce functionality to set up a fully-functional eCommerce online store? Let’s check it out.

Sitebuilder has an eCommerce engine but with the features, it provides you can set up a basic small-sized eCommerce store only. It is available with the most expensive plan only. You can start with adding physical/ digital download products, their detailed description, editing product page, adding store categories, and adding store list to the website.

Sidebar Ecommerce Interface

The platform also provides features like shipping management, booking feature, inventory support, tax calculators, product variation such as colour and size, email customization, and activation of discount codes.

But it only supports the PayPal payment gateway. Unfortunately, it lacks automated abandoned cart recovery, pop-ups feature, opportunity to sell gift cards online, high-end marketing tools, detailed store analytics, and many essential eCommerce features.

Would Wix perform better than Sitebuilder in this category?

Wix has a robust Commerce engine that lets you create a fully functional eCommerce store primarily for small and medium-sized businesses with its dedicated eCommerce plans. The store creation progress is straightforward, which allows you to customize everything from storefront to checkout.

Wix Ecommerce Interface

Wix enables you to list unlimited digital/physical items, set custom shipping rules, automate taxes, adjust SEO parameters, print-on-demand, run the store from Wix mobile app, add multiple images, and edit eCommerce templates.

Moreover, you get 50+ payment gateways, currency converter, the option to translate store into 90+ languages, reliable dropshipping services, end-to-end fulfillment, abandoned cart automation, tons of built-in marketing tools,  limitless customization with APIs, and an opportunity to sell on multiple sales channels.

Wix Ecommerce Builder

Briefly, Wix wins the Sitebuilder vs Wix eCommerce comparison as it has tons of high-end eCommerce features under its umbrella however Sitebuilder features enable you to create only a basic online store.

Winner: Wix

7) Sitebuilder vs Wix: Integrations

Integrations and add-ons are essential to extend the functionality of your site, so who do you think will win the Sitebuilder vs Wix integration race? Let’s find out.

Sitebuilder comes with an App market to provide extensions, add ons, and apps. But those are not worthy to be called “apps”. These are more like ad credits and about saving the website’s history, which seems like perks or add-ons. Some of them are paid as well.

It is miles away from Wix in terms of the range found in the Wix App Market, as it only provides a few tools and add-ons. Amongst them is My Social Suite, Google Ad credits, and Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. However, the ease with which these can be integrated with your site is praiseworthy.

Sidebar Integrations

Wix, on the other hand, will surprise you with the amount and level of apps, widgets, extensions and add-ons it provides. The app market contains hundreds of these, some of which are developed by Wix while others are third-party applications enhancing your website’s functionality and performance in every single aspect.

You will find both free and paid ones here. The apps are divided into multiple categories which are then further categorized into tabs to make browsing easier.

Wix Integrations

You will find about 76 marketing and analytics apps like Social stream, Mail Chimp, Get Traffic, visitor Analytics, Privy, Google ads, Simple Affiliate, etc. To increase the functionality of your online store, shipping, accounting, and inventory management, it provides about 92 apps including Wix store, Amazon, PayPal button, Printify, Etsy Shop.

Furthermore, it makes communication and interaction with clients easier through its 53 apps like Wix blog, Wix chat, Testimonial, and Live Chat. Not only does it provide 41 creative tools like Site Badges, Visual Stats bar, Photo Editor, but also provides 39 apps in its Media and COntent category such as Wix Video, Wix Music, and TubePress.

You can also integrate its services and Events apps like Wix Hotels, Events Calendar, Wix Events, Wix restaurant, Wix Bookings, Online Scheduling, real Estate, and many others.

Without a doubt, Wix wins the Sitebuilder vs Wix integration comparison race, as Wix has neatly categorized hundreds of apps to fit any need of your site whereas Sitebuilder only offers a handful of add-ons that are not enough to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Winner: Wix

8) SiteBuilder vs Wix: Customer Support

No matter how good you are at managing sites, you still have to make sure that you have someone to lend a hand of help when you need it. That is why we will analyze both SItebuilder and Wix in terms of customer support.

Sitebuilder provides promising customer support. It has a help Centre that consists of articles and tutorials dealing with various issues. Aside from that it also has a FAQ section to help solve your common issues.

SiteBuilder Customer Support

If this does not pan out, you still got a few more options to go for. There is a 24/7 live chat option where you can directly reach out to a real live agent that responds to you within a few minutes. Other than that, you also have email support along with toll-free phone support.

Amazingly, they pick up your call which is pretty helpful when immediate assistance is needed whereas it will take a few hours for an email response. In addition to that, priority support is granted to users of higher plans where they quickly get technical support at first priority

Now let’s move on to see the customer support of Wix.

Wix customer support’s start is its huge Help Centre that contains several resources on virtually every topic you can think of. It provides detailed articles having pictures and video tutorials that make the website building process a piece of cake. These are also categorized for straightforward navigation.

Wix Customer Support

But if you want to reach out to an expert team then you can do so through a 24/7 email and call back service. A ticketing system is also there which is not available at SiteBuilder. Moreover, live chat support is available in a few regions only. The callback request is responded to within 2 minutes while email may take a few hours.

It also provides VIP support for subscribers of higher plans. It also gives prompts, suggestions, advice during the website building process as well. Additionally, more self-help resources include the Wix support blog, the Wix encyclopedia, and a community forum.

Conclusively, Sitebuilder has an upper edge over Wix in terms of customer support as it has better direct support options and responses. However, self-help resources and the Help Centre of Wix are comprehensive and better than that of Sitebuilder.

Winner: Sitebuilder.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Wix is the winner of the Sitebuilder vs Wix comparison. It has become an undeniable leader of the modern web design market thanks to its limitless advanced feature-set, affordable pricing plans, SEO tools, high-end designing tools, an enormous app market, and ease of use that makes it possible for even beginners to master it.

Wix is an all-in-one solution as with its promising features you can also create a quality and stylish blog, eCommerce store, or even run any sort of business with its dedicated features and excellent performance.

Although Sitebuilder has somewhat better customer support, overall it lags behind Wix as it has basic blogging and eCommerce functionality, limited designing options, only a few third-party apps or add-ons, poor flexibility, and mediocre features.

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