Mapping Out Your Path to COMPTIA+ A Certification

Whether you’re just starting your IT career or are looking for ways to advance it, receiving COMPTIA+ A certification can help. The certification is often something employers look for in new and existing talent. You can start with an entry-level certification and then move into specialties.

However, navigating COMPTIA+ A certification requirements can be a complex and occasionally confusing process. To help ensure you have a smooth journey towards certification, here’s what you should know.

What is COMPTIA+ A Certification

If you’re not familiar with COMPTIA+ A certification, don’t worry, the premise is fairly simple. Your goal is to pass two exams created by IT professionals and experts.

After passing the exams, you receive a nifty certificate. However, don’t make light of the certification. You’re showing that you’ve mastered the skills necessary for excelling at entry-level positions in the IT industry. The two exams only cover the fundamentals everyone in IT should know.

From there, you can take your education further by investing in more advanced courses. COMPTIA+ A certification doesn’t stop at the entry level. You can advance to specialty, professional, and expert-level certificates. How far you go depends on where you want to take your IT career. While COMPTIA+ A isn’t the only certification option, it’s one employers often prefer.


Starting Your COMPTIA+ A Certification Journey

While some certification courses can leave you feeling confused about the requirements or even which path to follow, COMPTIA+ A is actually pretty simple. You start at the beginning which are the entry-level certifications.

To get started with COMPTIA+ A, all you need is a basic understanding of best IT practices. Don’t worry about presenting a college degree before signing up for the course. This isn’t necessary. Basically, the only requirement is a willingness to learn more about the IT field and industry.

Entry-Level COMPTIA+ A Certifications

Before you can even think about taking one or more of the advanced courses, you’ll need to get through the entry-level certifications. There are two courses you can choose from. Each one is designed to support early IT learning. Which one is best for you typically depends on your IT experience.

COMPTIA+ A Fundamentals

If your experience in the IT sector is basically zero, this is probably where you want to start. The Fundamentals course helps you get ready for the more advanced exams.

Remember, if your goal is to continue to advance in the IT field, then you’re probably going to need additional certification. Starting at the beginning can give you the basic knowledge you’ll need in the advanced courses.

Some of the topics you’ll cover on the exam include software, hardware, networking, security, and troubleshooting basic IT issues.


After mastering the basics, you’re ready to move on to the initial COMPTIA+ A exam. You’ll cover the same topics as Fundamentals, only you’re going a little more in-depth. This certificate helps to validate the IT skills that include your ability to manage software and hardware.

If your job description includes providing help desk support, and customer service, or you’re in an administrative position, this certificate can be helpful.

Specialty COMPTIA+ A Certificates

Okay, after mastering the basics it’s probably time to start thinking about advancing your IT career. You can always go back to college but this isn’t always what employers and recruiters are looking for.

Remember, the IT industry is advancing at a rapid pace, and by the time you complete your college degree some of the skills may be out of date. This doesn’t mean don’t go to college, since a university degree can take you far. However, when you want to demonstrate your knowledge of current practices, a COMPTIA+ A certificate is tough to beat.

So, what are the specialty certificates offered by COMPTIA+ A? You can choose from a Network or Security certificate. You also don’t need to limit yourself to one or the other. There’s no reason why you can’t hold a certificate in both fields.

CompTIA Network+

If networking has captured your interest, this certificate is a good place to start. You’ll learn how to navigate different networks, including the management and configuration of switches and routers.

If your career path includes a position as a network technician or administrator, this certificate shows you possess the necessary skills. IT support specialists can also benefit from getting a Network+ certificate.

CompTIA Security+

Even if you’re not planning on a career in cybersecurity, this is still a course that can help your IT career. The exam covers topics like threat management, network security, and identity access management.

Some of the roles that often look for candidates with a COMPTIA+ A Security+ certificate include security administrators and analysts. If a career as a penetration tester interests you, this certificate can help you land the position.

Professional Certificates

COMPTIA+ A offers two types of professional certificates; you can achieve a cloud or project certificate, after passing the exam. You can also take both exams if you’re interested in both topics. Holding more than one COMPTIA+ A certificate only helps you advance in the IT field.

While the cloud certificate indicates your ability to manage and optimize cloud infrastructure, the project exam gets you ready to take more advanced tests. Think of a Project Management Professional or Certified ScrumMaster.

Expert-Level Certifications

By the time you get to the expert-level certifications, you’re well-advanced in the IT field. You’ve mastered the other skills and are ready to start working on complex Linux settings. IF Linux isn’t something that interests you, then there’s really no reason to take this exam.

When it comes to the other expert-level certificate, this one focuses on advanced cybersecurity protocols. With a CySA+ certificate, you’re demonstrating you have the skills necessary for a role as a security analyst, incident responder, etc.

Advance Your Career with COMPTIA+ A Certification

The COMPTIA+ A certification stands as a foundational stepping stone for those embarking on their IT career journey, offering a clear path to achieving professional goals.

The simplicity of its requirements, which necessitates only the passing of the course exam, makes it an accessible entry point for newcomers to the industry. Beginning with the Fundamentals, individuals can establish a solid base, opening doors to initial IT roles.

Troubleshooting Steps

Beyond this initial step, the extent of progression in the certification process is entirely in the hands of the individual, allowing for tailored career advancement. Pursuing further certification levels broadens one’s skill set and enhances their marketability and potential for growth in the IT field.

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