Homewood Suites Breakfast Hours: Nowadays, everyone looks for food which gives us both mental and physical satisfaction. And it would be amazing if we did not have to pay for such s delight. Multiple hotels provide breakfast along with their stay. However, Homewood Suites are new on the list.

Homewood Suites offer a variety of dishes that can satisfy the cravings of you and your family, and that too free of cost.

Let’s check out what breakfast you can get from Homewood Suites and the breakfast hours.

Breakfast hours of Homewood suits

At Homewood Suit, you can enjoy breakfast seven days a week, but there will be a slight difference in timing during weekends. For your knowledge, below is the detailed timing chat for breakfast at Homewood suits

Day Breakfast opening time Breakfast closing time
Monday 06.00 AM 10.00 AM
Tuesday 06.00 AM 10.00 AM
Wednesday 06.00 AM 10.00 AM
Thursday 06.00 AM 10.00 AM
Friday 06.00 AM 10.00 AM
Saturday 07.00 AM 11.00 AM
Sunday 07.00 AM 11.00 AM

The delicious breakfast at Homewood Suites is available from Monday to Friday from 06.00 AM to 10.00 AM and from Saturday to Sunday from 07.00 AM to 11.00 AM. However, this timetable may vary as per the location. The reason for different timing during weekends is that weekends are meant for rest and sleep, and it is totally about the convenience of customers, which they strive for.

Breakfast menu of Homewood suites

Whether you are in the mood for a healthy breakfast or something heartier, you can easily find what you are looking for at the breakfast menu of Homewood Suites. The breakfast menu is full of delicious and savoury dishes, from pastries to omelettes, and they also offer special options like frozen breakfast burritos. So you can easily take advantage of their takeout items, especially when planning an outing.

Here is the breakfast menu from Homewood Suites:

Items Price
Juice Free
Coffee Free
Tea Free
Breakfast sandwiches Free
Frozen breakfast burritos Free
Frozen waffles Free
Frozen pancakes Free
Pizzas Free
Pastries Free
Oatmeal Free
Fresh fruit Free
Potatoes, sausage and Bacon Free
Small omelette Free
Scrambled eggs Free
Hot & cold items Free

They provide a small breakfast menu. However, they do have a few notable healthy and heartiest items. The breakfast buffet also includes waffles, cereals and other not-so-typical breakfast items.

Along with this, you can also get vegan and vegetarian items on the buffet of Homewood Suites. Many dishes will give you a breathtaking experience, particularly for non-veg lovers, because you can enjoy whatever you want without worrying about finances.

It is worth noting that the buffet-style breakfast of Homewood Suites may vary from location to location, but it is guaranteed that you will enjoy an amazing breakfast wherever you stay.

Take out breakfast items. Price
Banana Free
Cream cheese Free
Muffins Free
Cheese and egg Free
Banana nut cake Free
Cake Free
Yogurt Free

Whether you are travelling for leisure or business, there are multiple food items that you can easily carry with you.

Homewood Suites perfectly understand your feelings. That’s why there are multiple food items that you can take to a comfortable location to satisfy irregular cravings. You do not have to pay for this as it is about our pleasure and makes us feel at home. Sometimes Homewood Suites provides special breakfast, especially during any occasion or festival.

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More about Homewood suites

Homewood suites hotel is a part of Hilton Worldwide’s chain of hotels which owns more than 500 hotels in 4 countries and territories. In total, they have more than 57,000 rooms; out of that, 490 are Homewood Suites hotels. Franchisees manage 15 hotels with around 1645 rooms. They are among the top extended stay hotels and are very famous for their services as they completely understand the need of customers and make them feel special during their stay.


Homewood Suites are among the best hotels where you can access whatever you are looking for for a perfect stay. Along with a comfortable stay, you will enjoy complimentary tasty breakfast food. Also, the breakfast is full of delicious and savoury dishes.

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