Are you looking for Hardee’s breakfast hours in the year 2023? Yes, you have come to the right place. Here we will provide you with all the latest opening and closing times of Hardee’s breakfast menu items. Whether you want information on the breakfast Burrito or Cinnamon Swirl French Toast, we have everything covered. In the year 1960, fast food restaurant chain was founded in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

It also become a popular alternative for Americans across the country. With this wide range of fastfood choices which are both nutritious and delicious, it is easy to see why it continues to be very favorable. You can go there anywhere at any time during the day and get a quick meal from your nearby Hardee’s without hesitation, as they offer all of us a love of American cuisine.

Hardees is a popular choice for people seeking a decent breakfast on the road. When it comes to filling and healthy meals, Hardees is very hard to beat. However, arriveat least 15 minutes before the closing time so you do not get upset. It is also vital to find out if a restaurant or business is operational before visiting them so you cannot have to deal with inconvenience or disappointment and enjoy your favorite food in peace.

You must also know when Hardee’s restaurant is open on weekdays and weekends. Some restaurants also follow a different weekday-to-weekend operating schedule; others close on weekends. Likewise, you must know which federal holidays the restaurant is open and on which holidays the restaurant is closed.

What are Hardee’s breakfast hours?

Hardee’s breakfast hours are normally from 06.00 AM to 10.30 AM on weekdays, with exceptions on Sundays when they start at 07.00 AM to 10.30 AM. Below is the schedule.

Hardees breakfast hours Opening hours Closing hours
Monday 06.00 AM 10.30 AM
Tuesday 06.00 AM 10.30 AM
Wednesday 06.00 AM 10.30 AM
Thursday 06.00 AM 10.30 AM
Friday 06.00 AM 10.30 AM
Saturday 06.00 AM 10.30 AM
Sunday 07.00 AM 10.30 AM

The most amazing meal of the day, breakfast, helps us to keep energized so that we may work efficiently and positively. Sucha crucial breakfast should be nutritious and delicious daily.

On weekends and weekdays, Hardees serves breakfast to their customers. The timing of Hardee’s restaurant is also determined, with most branches running as per these timings. It is also important to remember that these breakfast hours may differ depending on the restaurant’s location. To avoid disappointment, calling your local Hardees beforehand is recommended to double-check the breakfast hours. Doing this will save you time and effort in a long time.

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Hardee breakfast menu price

The updated list of Hardee’s breakfast menu for 2023 is here. You can see the new breakfast hours and opening and closing times below.

Hardees isalso a fast-food restaurant specializing in hamburgers, milkshakes, fries, and hand-breaded chicken tenders.

It was also founded in 1960 in Greenville, North Carolina, by Wilbur Hardee. This chain has expanded to over 2000 locations nationwide.

In these years, Hardees has become known for its line of monster burgers, which has the option of Thickburger and Monster Thickburger. The restaurant also has introduced numerous items like sides, salads, and chicken sandwiches. A full menu of Hardee’s breakfast is

Items name Price
Velveeta biscuit & fried Bologna $ 2.49 and combo at $ 3.99
Sunrise croissant $ 2.89 and combo at $4.79
Sausage biscuit $ 1.69 (1 Pc), $ 2.19 (2 Pc)
Sausage & egg biscuits $ 3.50 (2 Pc)
Sausage & egg $ 2.69 and combo at $ 4.69
Monster biscuits $ 3.69 and combo at $ 5.59
Mile-high bacon egg & cheese biscuits $ 2.99 and combo at $ 4.69
Loaded omelets $ 2.99 and combo at $ 4.69
Hash rounds $ 1.19 (small), $ 1.39 (medium), $1.79(large)
Hardee breakfast platter $ 3.89
Grilled cheese sandwich $ 2.99 and combo at $ 4.89
Frisco breakfast sandwich $3.49 and combo at $ 5.39
Double-loaded omelet biscuits $ 3.29 and combo at $ 4.99
Cinnamon & raisin biscuits $ 1.29 (1Pc), $2.19 (2Pc), $4.99 (6Pc)
Chicken filet $3.59 and combo at $ 5.29
Chicken & gravy breakfast platter $ 3.89
Breakfast burrito $ 3.19 and combo at $ 4.99
Biscuit & gravy $ 2.09 and combo at $ 4.09
Bacon, egg & cheese $ 2.69 and combo at $ 4.69

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