Game On: Earn PlayStation Credits Without Spending a Dime

Gaming is a huge part of our generation’s culture. People of all ages, nationalities, genders, and backgrounds can enjoy an exciting PlayStation game from time to time. If you are a gamer or know and love someone who is, there is a new way to get PlayStation credits that you might be interested in.

By leasing your unused internet bandwidth, you can earn PlayStation Plus gift cards without leaving your house. You can read more about how to get started today. In this article, we will cover why sharing your internet connection is the best way to earn PlayStation Plus credits available at the moment.


PlayStation and millions of its fans

Released in Japan in 1994 by Sony Computer Entertainment, the PlayStation video game console changed gaming forever. With the advancing remote connection technologies, especially, of course, the internet, once a personal console, PlayStation could become a worldwide network for gamers.

The number of PlayStation Plus subscribers to the PlayStation Network, which was launched in 2014, grew to over 47 million last year. In other words, there are plenty of dedicated PlayStation gaming fans who would love free credits for PlayStation Plus.

If you are one of them or know someone like that, you might be interested in the easiest conceivable way to get such credits.

Leasing your unused internet credit for PlayStation rewards

Being a dedicated gamer does not always come cheap. Thus, any way to get some PlayStation credits without spending money should interest a gamer. However, none is better than leasing your unused internet data for free credits. But what does it mean?

Leasing your unused bandwidth, in a nutshell, means allowing other people to use the portion of your internet data that you do not need yourself. Here is how the process goes.

  1. You find the platform that will pay you for sharing your bandwidth, download the appropriate software, and create a free account.
  2. Choose how much internet data you want to lease to others and start sharing. You can choose just as much as you like and you will always be able to change the settings or stop sharing at any time.
  3. See the money in your account accumulate and get paid in PlayStation Plus credits when you feel like it. The platform might have a minimum amount that you need to reach before getting paid. However, the amount will be just up to $5 or $10 with most reputable platforms, thus you will accumulate that in no time.
  4. Wait for more money, or get paid immediately, and repeat the process. You can get paid at whatever intervals you choose. As long as you reach the small minimal account, it is all up to you how often you want to get your free PlayStation credits.

Sounds easy, right? Understandably, you might have questions as to why people might want to use your internet bandwidth. There are plenty of reasons, including, but not limited to:

    • The need for your IP to unlock geo-blocked content. Some content is limited to particular areas and can be viewed only with the IP address from that area. When you share your internet bandwidth, you are also sharing your IP, thus other people can view the same content as you.
    • Automated large-scale procedures. Companies need many different IPs when conducting automated data extraction procedures like web scraping. Your IP could be in a batch of millions that they use and you will be compensated.
  • Other business procedures. Many IP addresses are also necessary for various legitimate business procedures, like SEO monitoring, app testing, and ad verification. All these processes are safe and legitimate for you to lease your bandwidth for.

Talking about safety, how safe is all this?

The safety of leasing your bandwidth

The answer is simple. As long as you use a reputable platform, it is completely safe to share your internet connection for gaming platform credits. Well-known and respected platforms work with leading world companies. They vet each potential customer to make sure that no one suspicious or harmful slips through, as they need to protect their reputation.

Thus, you will be leasing your bandwidth to very well-known brands for money. This is completely safe and easy. Just make sure that you choose the right platform.


The benefits of getting paid in PlayStation Plus credit

Gamers are the ones who can benefit from leasing bandwidth for free PlayStation Plus credits the most. If you think about it, this is a match made in heaven. While you are playing PlayStation and enjoying yourself, you can be earning money just by sharing your internet at the same time. No work is involved and you are not disturbed in any way.

Thus, while you are playing on PlayStation Network, you are earning more credit, to be able to play even more games. It is like an eternal engine for gaming that fuels itself.

Perfect for gamers, sharing your internet connection for PlayStation Plus credit is also great for those who do not play themselves. If you know someone who does, you have perfect gifts available for them on every occasion. And you do not need to spend a dime on them.

Even if you do not personally know people who play on the PlayStation Network, you will easily find someone you can sell the credit to. Remember those almost 50 million PlayStation Network subscribers currently out there in the world? They will buy your PlayStation Plus gift cards in no time.

Thus, while getting paid in PlayStation Plus credit, you can make cash easily and conveniently. This comes as free money since you do not need to buy anything additional or do any real work.

And if you are paying for an internet connection, why not cover all or part of those dues by sharing it with others?

Summing up

Sharing your internet bandwidth for PlayStation Plus credit is easy, convenient, and safe. It is an absolute no-brainer for PlayStation gamers. However, even those who do not play themselves can make a quick and easy buck this way.

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