If you are a YouTuber and are searching for a tool that can help you compare your channel with your competitors’ channel, you have landed at the right place. Today we are going to review one of the most popular youtube tools, “Channelytics.”

It is a top-notch tool provided by TubeBuddy, which is the premier Youtube management and optimization toolkit. Channelytics is a tool that helps you grow your channel by providing the stats and analysis of any channel on Youtube. In simple words, Channelytics assist you by providing vital information about other channels.

 It can be data, statistics, graphs, and various other important things. You can utilize that data to gain a competitive edge. Before we could review Channelytics, we need to discuss why you should acquire the information of other Youtube channels and how that data would help you grow like topsy. So, before you can say, Jack Robinson, let’s dive into it.

Importance Of Competitor’s Information:

In order to get better than your competitor, you must know about them. You should have a piece of knowledge about their target audience, strategies, and various other things. It will assist you in comparing yourself with them and will ultimately help you enhance your performance. Similar goes with Youtube as well.

 If you own a Youtube channel, it is highly likely that you may be experiencing some sort of competition from other YouTubers. Well, that’s very normal. However, if you would just sit on your hands and do nothing, you won’t grow, and your competitors might get ahead of you.

Getting vital stats, data, and other information about other channels would prove to be instrumental. That is what exactly Channelytics do. It gives you essential stats about other Youtube channels. You can bring into play those stats and analyze them in order to improve your channel. You can take important decisions and make strategies, taking into account your competitor’s information. Execute the plans, improve your channel, and you are good to go.

About Channelytics:

As mentioned above as well, Channelytics is a top-rated analytics tool provided by TubeBuddy. It is a kind of tool that provides you with vital information such as tags, advanced statistics, and live subscribers count for any of the Youtube channels. You can use this important information and compare your Youtube channel with your competitor’s channel.

Channelytics is just a single TubeBuddy feature. However, TubeBuddy offers a plathora of 50+ features centring Video SEO features, Bulk Processing features, A/B Testing, Keyword Research, and the list goes on.

Sruggling To Grow on YouTube?

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Channel Tags:

The channel tags highlighted by Channelytics are of great benefit. You can quickly get an idea about your competitors and the tags they are using in their videos in order to generate traffic.

You can effectively utilize them for your own videos as well. You must make sure the tags you are using are relevant to your own channel. It is imperative, and a lot of YouTubers out there make this mistake.

They use misleading tags, and unintentionally they go against the terms of services of Youtube. This can seriously get you in trouble if you are not cautious.

Real-Time Subscribers Count: 

Channelytics is deemed one of the best among other tools because of its ability to provide real-time subscribers count. We search for our subscribers’ exact count or even our competitors’ subscribers most of the time. Youtube does not show that. It does not provide a real-time subscriber count. However, Channelytics is there for you. It informs you about each and everything regarding your subscribers count.

How does Channelytics do that? Well, they simply take the information from Google’s API and then show you the real-time subscribers count. The counter updates after every few seconds! You get updated as to how many people are subscribing to your channel every few seconds. Isn’t that amazing. It can help you analyze your own channel.

You vs. Them Graph:

You vs. Them is another awe-inspiring feature of Channelytics. This is the real game-changer. With this feature, you can easily compare your channel with another channel. You can compare the view of your videos with your competitor’s video. It is a fantastic way to analyze your channel’s performer and growth. It becomes even more, better with the help of graphs. Graphs are a great way to show and set forth the statistics.

They are easy to understand. Not just the views, you can also compare the subscribers and videos of your channel with your competitor’s channel. You can check out the stats of the last 30 days or for all time. There can’t be anything better than this if you want to compare and analyze your channel with other channels. You get accurate and exact data. It helps you provide the real picture of your channel and its performance compared to other Youtube channels.

How To Use Channelytics

Now that we know about this fantastic and exciting tool and its features, it is time to check out how we can use Channelytics. To get the Channelytics tool up and running, you will first need to download TubeBuddy.

Make sure to download it using official links. After downloading and installing the TubeBuddy browser plugin, you may need to visit the channel you want the information about.

 As you visit the channel, you will see a Channelytics option on your right-hand side. Click that option, and you will notice a box that will pop up. It is the main thing we are looking out for. You will now be able to see the number of videos, views, and subscribers. Underneath that, you will witness the real time subscriber counter. We have already discussed it before.

 Below the subscribers counter, you will be able to see the links to the social media accounts that have been integrated into the channel by the channel owner. Underneath the links section, you will be able to notice the tags section. Channel tags are the keywords that will help your channel to get ranked and climb up the ladder.

 Make sure to utilize the tags in the best way possible and be relevant. If you are interested in your competitor’s keywords, you can copy them without any hindrance by simply clicking on the “Copy to Box” option.

On the right side of the box, you will observe the You vs. Them feature. You can compare views, subscribers, and a number of videos quite easily. Click on the drop-down button and choose whatever you want to reach. As simple as that.


To analyze your channel’s performance by comparing it with your competitor’s channel is a fantastic thing. Channelytics facilitate you with all those features that will help you in making the comparison.

The tool provided by TubeBuddy is extremely user-friendly and can be easily used. Most of the YouTubers around the globe confront issues of hunting the right keywords for the video. With Channelytics, you don’t have to worry about that. It can help you by providing the tags your competitors have used, and you can copy them for your own video.

It is an excellent way of improving your channel and video ranking. You vs. them feature is also an exciting one. You can compare your channel with other channels and see where you stand. Make the essential changes and gain a competitive edge.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail yourself of this phenomenal YouTube analytics tool and make the necessary changes to help your channel get better. It is a free tool for all of the TubeBuddies!

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