Gaming is centered around technology. The more that you understand how technology works, the better you’re able to understand the hardware and software that’s behind your favorite games and platforms. Usually, a gamer is focused on efficiency, whether finding cheaper games or zeroing in on their favorite genre.

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By focusing on deal sites and alternatives to major gaming subscriptions, gamers can keep their focus tight—and not get distracted by the thousands of games on offer. But what about when it comes to using technology to improve the gaming experience? Let’s take a closer look at peripherals, gadgets, programs, and other considerations that will directly enhance the functionality behind your gaming tech.


Mobile Gaming: Controller Clips, Headphones, & TV Casting Devices

Mobile gaming is now the most active and lucrative market in the gaming industry. If you’re one of millions of gamers who have pivoted to focus on mobile titles, then you’ve probably been looking into how to improve the experience. Though highly accessible, mobile gaming isn’t the most comfortable.

We’ve got three suggestions that will turn around your mobile gaming experience. First up are controller clips. Controller clips are modular pieces that you can fit around your phone or that hook up to your device so that you can play using a more traditional controller mechanic. There’s plenty of variation, so find what works for you.

If screen size has you worried instead, then look into TV casting devices. These programs allow you to stream (or live-cast) your games onto a larger TV monitor in order to improve the gaming experience. If it’s the audio that has you hung up, look into noise-canceling headphones that help contain in-game audio.

Console gaming

Console Gaming: Microphone-Ready Headsets & Ergonomic Controllers

Console gamers have focused on controllers for well over a decade now. Some controllers are designed for cooling, others for in-game feedback. However, it’s probably more important that you focus on tech-forward and ergonomic controllers. These focus on maintaining hand and wrist health as you log hours before the screen.

If you’re a fan of multiplayer titles, then you’ll also need access to a microphone that also functions as a headset. The best in the industry are over-ear options, though you can find a few earbud releases. Just make sure you focus on releases that are fully wireless, easy to charge, and are specifically designed for gamers.

PC Gaming: Wi-Fi Boosters & Arcade Joysticks

PC gaming is by far the most peripheral-happy sector in the industry. From specialized keyboards to LED lighting, there are literally hundreds of accessories to choose from. But when it comes to the latest tech, we suggest focusing on wi-fi boosters and unique controllers, like arcade joysticks.

The former is designed to prevent lag. These come in all shapes and sizes, from wi-fi boosting apps to ethernet cables that physically improve your connection. Depending on how competitive you are, you might want to focus on removing all forms of lag. Aside from that, look into unique controllers that transform the experience, including arcade joysticks for retro hits and even pedals for racing games.

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